Friday, November 15, 2013

The (In)activity On My Bed

I think we all have mental pictures of what our pets are doing during the day when we are at work. 

Me?  Well, I knew they slept some, but I also imagined the cats, Zelda and Mabel, stretching, walking around the house, cleaning themselves, staring out the window contemplating life, eventually conversing with one another about the benefits of a stretching pad vs. a fence for claw maintenance.  

I pictured Kia, my dog, playing with her toys, chewing her bones, and keeping vigil at the door for my triumphant return at the end of the day.

A few weeks ago, I had to stay home from work because of an elbow injury.  I wasn’t able to do much, so I went into the bedroom to relax in bed and I found all three of them there, clearly ready to start their weekday routine.   

This is what I found out about my pets during the day: 




They were spread out, stretched out, and zonked out starting promptly at 8:00 a.m.  I had to physically move Zelda from the pillow to the other side of the bed and shove Mabel over so I could have a bit of space.  Kia had positioned herself sideways across the bed, so I had to work around her just to straighten out my legs.  When I finally got myself wedged in, I was amazed at their daytime devotion to complete and utter oblivion. 

They tolerated me, but just barely.  Any movement was regarded with irritation and undisguised aggravation from the cats.  I am a welcomed guest on the weekends and during the night time hours, but it was clear I was the interloper during working hours. 

At around 3:30, the time I normally get home, they managed to rouse themselves.  I was then put to work feeding them and taking Kia out for a walk, despite my very painful elbow injury. 

I actually love the fact that my pets have made my bed their campout zone.  As you may have guessed, I am crazy about each and every one of those critters.  The real trouble comes when it is time to change the sheets.  I assure them all that it will only take about five minutes and then they will be welcomed back.  It takes some convincing and some pulling on the sheets.  Sometimes the arm crane has to be employed, but they do get the message eventually.  

This picture was taken during one of our stand-offs.

Staying home gave me a new vision of what my pets do while I am away.  They zonk out.  They are devoutly dedicated to their rest.  The cats use their one or two hours of activity judiciously after I get home.  There are trips out to the food dish, and a bit of time spent on the patio taking in the afternoon sun.  Kia, my Rocket Girl, merely stores up energy that must be released when I get home, resulting in a trip to the dog park or a long walk.  

Ah yes, I guess I did have an incorrect vision of their daytime routine.  Staying home for two days showed me that.  I’ve readjusted my thinking. 

Good thing the vision I have for my sons is still a correct one.  They are both in college and so of course when I imagine them, they are sitting at their desks, studying all day and probably most evenings too.



Shelly said...

This made me smile through and through!

Leah J. Utas said...

It shows they're truly in charge.

E. said...

i am glad your friends can all get along ... that super sweet. love the shot of the doggie with his head on the cat. reminds me of a poster i had as a kid. cute! ( :

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Betty - love the photos and Kia's tum!!! Creatures are just wonderful ... fun to see .. cheers Hilary

Brian said...

It is hard work to learn to relax so naturally!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I smiled through this and laughed out loud at the last. I'm sure your vision of your sons is right on. I've learned that my children never used their desks in college. They sat on their beds to do work. Desks are things for piling stuff on.
Our cat always hated when we were home and messed up her day long nap.

My Mind's Eye said...

I just love how Zelda and Mabel have accepted Kia with open paws!!!
I've always heard our pets take on our can tell the kitties get their loving nature from you!!

As for your is need to know and there are things we parents don't need to know. One of my friends told me her son and his roommates have an industrial size trash can in the middle of their kitchen....they empty it on trash day only.
Hugs Madi and Mom

annie said...

Cute photos!
Yes, I am sure your sons are studying 24/7! What else could they possibly do in college?

Alexandra said...

My gosh, that last line was killer.
Made me laugh, esp. with my two heading off for college soon. Can you believe it? I envisioned myself a the mother of littles forever... xo So happy you are happy . xo Friend.

Ms. A said...

Ha! Keep thinking that about the sons. It's much easier to deal with than what actually goes on. (unless yours are way different than most) How did you spend your evenings in college? Studying?

Rose said...

Oh, I so enjoyed this post....I came from Nancy's A Rural Journal. Your one kitty looks like our can see him here:

We have three cats, did have four...we call ourselves the cat herders, though in reality we are their butler and maid.

And have you seen the Simon's Cat videos--go to YouTube and put it in the search if you haven't. Some are better than others, but some sure do fit our cats.

jenny_o said...

Of course your sons do nothing but study. They'd tell you if they were doing anything else. Honest!

Our cats have a definite routine, and they don't like anyone messing with it. It gives my life structure, yes it does.

Hope the elbow heals quickly.

Anne Gallagher said...

So that's what they do! I always wondered. My three dogs are downstairs in the office, I presume fighting over the "good" chair. (No upstairs for them) However, Hen (the cat) loves to sleep in my clean clothes - the ones still in the laundry basket. Monster cat. Hope your elbow is better.

Brian Miller said...

see this is why i want to be a pet in my next life...lay around all day be waited on at night...ha

Gigi said...

Too funny about the pets. And yes, your sons are studying ALL THE TIME; just like mine is - I'm sure of it.

Lin said...

I'm not surprised at them sleeping all day...but on the SAME bed?! and they let the dog lay his head on them???! WOW.

They sure are cute together.

Anonymous said...

that first pic made me laugh out loud. I'm sure your sons are studying as we speak. It's the weekend after all. Plenty of time to get caught up on all subjects.

Ami said...

I love you, Betty. :)

MadeByHind said...

How cozy! I wouldnt be able to leave bed with such cute little ones like these. I am writing to give you the Sunshine award for having such a beautiful blog.

Hilary said...

If you only knew what they think you do all day..

Catherine said...

LOL! I love it! Yup. Clearly pets take over when we aren't around and do not like it when we cut into their routine.
Too funny.
xo Catherine

Nancy C said...

I found a couple of old cat beds at our thrift store and my indoor cats actually prefer them over our bed -- which is a good thing. Our dogs have never been upstairs -- we gotta have someplace to ourselves! Cute post Betty!

Connie said...

Loved this post! You made me smile. And as for your sons, yes, I'm sure you are exactly right. I'm sure because I have two sons in college too, so, of course I believe you are right! I'm sure your sons are just like mine. ;)

Joyful said...

LOL, cute post!

Betty Manousos said...


too funny about the pets!
loved this post, betty. you made me smile-most definitely something i needed today. thanks.

happy weekend my friend~xo

Claudya Martinez said...

I would love to be your pet for a couple of days, I could certainly use the rest.

Unknown said...

How funny! I have an inside dog and recently became a stay at home mom/ sub at the local school. He switches between bouts of napping on the couch and being outside with the big dogs all day. In, out. In, out.!

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Yes, they are at their desks or at the library, studying away. Never forget that.

As for your pets, my husband might think the same of me if he was ever home during the day. (Don't tell him that.)

SkippyMom said...

This made me laugh out loud. I don't a pet owner who hasn't wondered "What do they do all day?"

Now we know.

As for the bed making? Ask me how many times I have made the bed with my dachshund still in it?

I don't have time for that. . .move or you are trapped.

Which, in her mind, works out wonderfully. . .because what doxie doesn't like to burrow [be buried] under three quilts?

[I came over from GreenMonkey. Nice to meet you!]

Pat Tillett said...

You are so funny! When I read the ending I guffawed so hard that a little coffee came out of my nose.

Baby Sister said...

Hahaha. Hilarious. I've always wondered what goes on when I'm not around. So amusing.

Toni444 said...

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