Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Goodbye Summer (Almost)

Summer says goodbye slowly here in Southern California.  In other places, the seasons tend to move in like a heavy metal band to the apartment above, but here they drift in like a single guitar player, faintly playing, walking the halls, meandering abut until finally it decides to stay put for a bit.

I have been putting off admitting that it is fall.  Since I spent the majority of the summer mired in the sticky dough of home renovation, I did not have much time to look up and look around at the beautiful blue lights of summer.

The other day it occurred to me that it was time to take down the patio umbrella (an end-of-summer ritual here) and realized that I had not spent any time at all sitting beneath it, under the lights that I have strung over and around the supports.  I thought about Gatsby in The Great Gatsby and how, after a crazy summer, he realizes he hasn't used his pool and decides to use it one more time.  (OK, OK, so he gets, you know, shot in that very same pool that day by a crazed gunman.  Still, you get the idea.  Work with me here.)

So I left the umbrella up and soon enough friends were over, night fell, and we sat there, under the umbrella with lights, sharing a bottle of wine and a bowl of blackberries.  The chill of fall was just slightly in the air, but we stayed beneath the umbrella, warmed by the conversation that curled out into the night.  I smiled as I looked around that table, grateful that I had salvaged at least one summer ritual before autumn claimed the time as her own.

I don't feel like I totally got my summer ya-ya's out.  (There were no trips to the beach, no making of ice cream, no swimming.)  However, I am transitioning to the new season just fine.  I've already put the area rugs down, pulled out the feather comforter, and unearthed the few sweaters I have.

Yes, I'll be just fine going into fall with a few summer things left undone.  My dear blogging buddy, Mom from Madi and Mom: Down Home in North Carolina keeps reminding me, however, that I have neglected one very important ritual--that of painting my toenails in a wild and wacky way. I do it every year at the beginning of summer. It was something I was going to let pass, but then today I thought, why not?   I dug through the bathroom boxes of stuff and found my polish and salvaged yet another summer ritual.

Even though they won't be on display in my sandals or flip flops, my painted toenails will provide me with hours and hours of entertainment as I look at them nestled upon my feather comforter, or floating in front of me in the bathtub.

Sometimes it pays to have pesky blogging buddies who just don't give up all that easily.

I hereby present to you my Summer-In-October Toes 2012.  

I stuck them in a tub of geraniums just for the heck of it.

Now, I gotta go dance.  

My feet demand it.  

Thanks Mom and Madi for urging me to go a little off-season crazy and reminding me that it's never too late to add a little color to my life.

Happy End-of-Summer to you all!


Unknown said...

Cute toes!
There are many things I didn't do this summer either but not dwelling on it because there are many fall things I haven't done yet either...

Alison said...

You never know, you could get a freaky hot day demanding sandals, and then won't you feel smugly prepared!

Olga said...

You have very attractive feet. Please don't think I have some kind of creepy fetish but I do notice feet and mostly I want to suggest the immediate donning of socks.

Deanna said...

I'm glad you salvaged a couple of summer rituals. We had lots of summer here in Oklahoma but I'm still sad to see it go. We've got a few nice days this week after a cold weekend so I'm hoping to squeeze in a picnic and a bit more porch time. Enjoy your cute toenails!

Old Kitty said...

Nothing like gorgeous pedicured and painted toesies in a tub of geraniums to celebrate the end of summer!!

Yay! Take care

BECKY said...

OMG! You have the cutest toes in the world!! Even if they weren't painted in such amazing colors, which just adds to their cuteness! :)
(I wrote about MY toes on Aug 27 and 28. Yeah, it took TWO blog posts...because my toes are so weird and ugly!)
P.S. I LOVE fall. It is my favorite season!
Have a wonderful week, Betty!

Baby Sister said...

I have to admit, I'm really excited for fall!! I just wish December would slow down in it's arrival so I can feel prepared for the big day. I love your toes!! The colors are awesome. And I love your new header!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Be wacky! No one will ever know. Wait, you already posted the photo...

My Mind's Eye said...

MOL MOL MOL MOL...Mom is sitting her with dilated eyes(she just came from the eye dr.) and laughing her head off saying OMCs BB had 10 toes on each foot and they are in technicolor and dotted. Of course Ms. BB I counted behind her. I can assure you there are REALLY only 5 toes per foot BUT she was correct about the gorgeous technicolor and dots.


Cranberry Morning said...

LOL. So cute! I hope your toes enjoyed the freedom of the dance. :-)

Ms. A said...

If I had taken the time and effort to create a masterpiece of polish, I would darn sure not want to cover it with shoes. Heck, it's getting hard enough to reach my toes, as it is! Not all of us are skinny and fit, like you are! Flaunt those toes!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Seeing your toes reminded me of how my daughter and I used to do each other's toenails when she was little. The more colorful the better. Now she's in college and my nails are bare and sad.

Pat said...

Love the toesies!

I've been debating about taking in our lawn chairs off of the patio. My husband assures me that we still have warm days ahead of us. Me? I'm thinking not.

Gigi said...

I didn't get to do ANY of our summer rituals - but for totally different reasons. I'm thinking that if next summer we are in a better place I will be more than making up for it!

Love the toes!

Connie said...

Well, of course you have to dance, now that you are painted up so pretty! Summer went way too fast for me too. Wishing you a happy fall, Betty. :-)

Lin said...

We packed up the yard this past weekend--shut the pond down and tucked in the fish, snails and the frog. And then some murderous beast came along and ate a couple of my frogs....just to remind me of what a crappy summer it was.

Thank you, Murderous Beast, for rubbing it in.

We had a hot, dry summer--one that kept us all indoors while the yard gasped and choked. It was awful. We didn't get a chance to enjoy the flowers before they wilted and died. We didn't get to hear the frogs croaking in time with the crickets--and now they are gone too.


Goodbye, stinky summer. Now let's all rest so next summer can be EXTRA fun!

(I like your toes.)

jenny_o said...

Toesies in the posies ... what a cheery sight! You've inspired me to try and rescue at least one summer ritual myself.

Jimmy said...

Fall will be upon us soon enough, even here in SoCal, I am just hoping we get the rain promised to us later in the week :)

I'd say the toenails are bright, Way to go my Friend :)

Leanne said...

Oh, Betty. You make my heart happy. I love the description of the seasons coming and going quickly . . . Like a heavy metal band moving the apartment above . . . Brilliant. Love those toes, dear Betty. They're awesome!!