Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crazy About My Cats

OK, I am a little nervous about writing this post, for I am about to declare my intense love for my cats. 

I love them. I truly do.  

Now, I joke in my blog profile about becoming the crazy neighborhood cat lady as being a goal of mine.  

I just didn’t anticipate that it would happen so soon 

I’ve always loved cats.  We had a lot of them in my childhood home.  In fact, somewhere there is picture of me at seven years of age, sitting on my bed surrounded by six cats, and I am absolutely beaming with happiness.

Except for a few years in college, I have always had cats.  I married a non-cat person, and converted him immediately.  He loved cats, especially my current cat, Zelda.  Then he left.  Hey, I can understand leaving your wife, but your cat?  Never.

Anyway, in August, when my sons left for college and HOB left for his new life, I was left alone in the house except for these two precious cats of mine.

Now, I suspect it is this way for a lot of people who find they are living alone after the kids years of after a mate leaves, but I don’t just love my cats.  I adore them.  I depend on them. 

They greet me when I get home from work.  They sit with me as I eat my dinner.  When I grade papers at the table,  Mabel lolls around on the rug near my feet and Zelda climbs on a chair across from me, occasionally coming up to check out an essay and give her feedback.  

When I climb into bed at night, they come with me. In the morning when I read my newspaper in bed, Zelda sits on my right side and Mabel sits on my left and I sit there in the middle, feeling like the Queen of Suburbia.  They balance me as they sit on either side of me, and I feel their solid weight. I stroke their soft fur and am overwhelmed with gratitude for their company.

Mabel is the more practical cat.  She enjoys affection, but I have to come to her, unless I am watching TV and then she climbs up on my lap and stays until my leg goes numb and I have to move her or risk permanent nerve damage.  (See bottom picture and you’ll understand.)

 Zelda, however, is the sweetheart who seeks out affection and returns it twofold.  Incredibly, she senses when I am having a restless night.  Even at 2:00 a.m. when I start tossing and turning, she comes up from her nest at the foot of the bed and nudges her way into my arms, until her body is snuggled against mine, her head in the crook of my arm.  She stays there and comforts me until I fall back asleep.

These cats have become so dear to me. Let’s face it:  I was not done nurturing when my house emptied out, and so I turned my attention to the remaining mammals.  

As I said before, I suspect many people find that their pets get more important as they get older.  I know it’s happening here, in a big way.  

And just as soon as I get my little darlings to stay in their “Little House on the Prairie” outfits I have carefully made for them, we will rehearse the play we have planned for the neighborhood children and then we’ll have a nice tea party together.

OK, OK, It hasn't come to that just yet.  

I was just joking.  

Did you think I was serious?

Of course we won’t have tea.  

We’ll have milk instead.  

Tea might stain the little white monogrammed bibs I’ve made for them.  

Tea instead of milk?  Now, that's just crazy.


Teresa Evangeline said...

I used to dress up my cat in doll clothes when I was a kid. I have a clear picture of myself sitting on the step in the summer sun doing just that. I understand. Now, I have a golden and I know he won't sit still for a prairie dress.

It's good to have someone to come home to and our sweet little furry beings are always happy to see us. It works just fine. More than fine.

Hugs to all three of you.

Old Kitty said...

Awwww Zelda and Mabel are adorable. I'm so glad they're there with you. Such a beautiful relationship.

My cats have always kept me sane as my world turned upside down and inside out. They're a constant in my chaos. I'd not live without them and I mean that in so many ways.

Take care

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Your cats are family - as all pets should be.
Glad you have them to come home to. I'm sure they bring life to the house.
And if you can dress up your cats without getting clawed alive, I do want pictures.

Sush said...

Nothing as special as the family pets. My favorite gift from Santa when I was young was a stuffed kitten. My Mom was allergic to cats so this was my stand in. We had a callico cat when my kids were young...they truly are the sweetest!
Happy Mother's Day...

Unknown said...

Sounds like my house but where you have the word cat insert the word dog. Yes I treat them like family :o/

CiCi said...

I played with my cats the same as Teresa did. I dressed them and undressed them. Talked to them and was "mother" to them. My cat today is a Maine Coon, and she is large and the most gentle cat I have ever had. She and I are such a good match. We talk to each other. So nice to hear about your love for your cats. There are lots of us cat lovers around. I have met a few at the senior center and we enjoy sharing our latest stories.

Marg said...

You are NOT crazy to love your cats. Nothing wrong with that. I love all mine and couldn't live without them. I do dress up one of them because she loves it for a few minutes just because she is getting special attention. She is dressed up today on our post. I bet those two cats really helped you get though your bad husband leaving you. Take care.

Connie said...

Aw, I love cats too. We don't have any right now, but we used to. Now we are left with Max the poodle dog and Charley the leopard gecko, both wonderful in their own ways, but neither one is a cat. Your two are lovely and sound like perfect friends (or family--pets are always part of the family in this house). Happy Mother's Day to you, Betty. :)

Leah J. Utas said...

Cats are the best. I'm glad you've got two of them attending to your needs.

I would so go to that play.

Linda said...

Hi Betty,

Gorgeous cat children! I too used to dress up my cat when I was growing up! Tara used to dress up our cats when she was growing up. Jinx is our VIC (very important cat) he runs the household, though he is Bobs shadow he will come and lay down with me. A funny story a few Saturdays ago before I came home from work- Bob heard this splash and he went outside and Jinx was in the fish pond behind the fence to keep the raccoons out- we don't know how he ended up in there- water on the patio and sidewalk like he did a cannon ball into the pond.He wasn't happy as Daddy had to rescue him. He ended up in the big pond and must have gotten over to the little pond.He was still grooming himself when I got home. I have always had a cat child. Enjoy your "Kids" have a wonderful Mother's Day!
Hugs from me!

Peggy K said...

C' can you have a tea party without tea? That's just crazy!

I will admit...I love the pics.

faye said...

Never drink anything while reading
one of your posts... I have tea to clean from my monitor.... 'little
House on the Prairie outfits'....
that would be worthy of a photo spread..

Happy Mother's Day !!!

Linda at To Behold The Beauty said...

Dogs and cats (I love both) are, I believe, special gifts to humans from the hand of God. They offer unconditional love and can add so much to our lives. Mabel and Zelda are good examples. I'm glad they've been there for you during this rough time.

Out on the prairie said...

love how big the one cat is, I have two bigger than my dog

Lin said...

That ain't no cat...that's an OTTOMAN!! Hahaha! (That's what I say to Hobbes every day)

I'm with ya. I love my cats too. I think I will always have one or two with me.

When my kids were little and they'd say "You love (other kid) more!", I'd pull them aside and gently tell them "No, honey. I love Grace more than both of you" and then we'd laugh. I still tell them that to this day.

Happy Mother's Day, pally! I wish you a sunshiney day with your two furry friends. :)

Brian said...

Well that doesn't surprise me! They are crazy about you too!!!

Cheryl Klarich said...

LOVE those cute kitties!!! We have a lab who kind of thinks she's a cat...

jenny_o said...

I love my cats. Heck, I love your cats and I've only seen their pictures :)

They are wonderful company, aren't they?

How is the kitty diet coming along? Perhaps there's a post in that? I ask because one of mine has a similar problem and nothing I've done so far has helped her. I think she needs to take up jogging :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Betty .. great post - and I'm so pleased you had some comforters during those dark days of abyss - Mabel and Zelda just beautiful ..

Happy Mother's Day .. I know you'll enjoy it come what may .. cheers Hilary

Elizabeth Grimes said...

You have such a good sense of humor. :) I think most people are crazy about their pets, which makes them just a touch crazy...I know I am!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I completely understand the love of pets. I'm afraid my daughter going off to college next fall is going to miss the cat more than she misses me.

Hilary said...

I am always mildly suspicious of folks who don't like cats. They're wonderful company. One of mine is asleep on the computer tower (situated behind my monitor) resting his paw on the top of the monitor just above where your blog says Crazy About My Cats. Your Mabel and Zelda are beauties. I've always thought black and white cats to be just a little bit nuts. I've recently rethought that and now believe that they're particularly intelligent. Do you find that to be so about Zelda?

Ms. A said...

The unconditional love, support and companionship of our pets should never be underestimated. They are such a special part of our lives. I miss mine so much.

My Mind's Eye said...

You know I love this post!!
Zelda and Mabel are such beauties and oh what wonderful companions! It is too bad there are folks who decide they are not cat peeps w/o actually getting to know a cat!!

Hugs all around for BB,M and Z
FromMadi and Mom

middle child said...

Pets are awesome! We had our dog put to sleep in July. Are looking to get another one or two. My son, DIL and kids live with her sister and sister's boy friend. The sister has 6-or is that 7-dogs and my son had one and just got another. Fun!

Chuck said...

I am the same...only with my two dogs!

Ami said...

Gonna have to change the name of your blog.

I suggest "Betty's Cat House."


Pets should absolutely be family. There is no point in having them if they're not.

I'm still not ready for another one (we had our Maggie dog put down in October, poor old girl).

Ann said...

I'm more of a dog person but I do love cats as well. As a matter of fact I miss having one and have been trying to convince Wade we should get one. Not for me but for Duke of course, so that he would have a play mate while we are working :)

Catherine said...

Crazy for cats...oh yes...welcome to the dark side! LOL!
They are adorable!
xo Catherine

Shan said...

I had a cat once, but developed allergies to the point that I'm convinced any cat who rubs up against me wants me to die. Alas, I cannot join in your milk parties, but do send pictures!

Green Monkey said...

Crazy cat lady indeed! but, you know you're not alone.

Pat Tillett said...

They are so darn cute! The tuxedo looks just like one of our cats. You've inspired me to do some cat posts. We have four and they are all totally different.
I totally understand your love for your cats. I like dogs, but I'm TOTALLY a cat person.

Kaneko said...

Cats are great :) ! you are not alone.. is plenty of us cat lovers out there!!!

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