Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Poetry Tuesday: "On Punctuation" by Elizabeth Austen

On Punctuation

not for me the dogma of the period
preaching order and a sure conclusion
and no not for me the prissy
formality or tight-lipped fence
of the colon and as for the semi-
colon call it what it is
a period slumming
with the commas
a poser at the bar
feigning liberation with one hand
tightening the leash with the other
oh give me the headlong run-on
fragment dangling its feet
over the edge give me the sly
comma with its come-hither
wave teasing all the characters
on either side give me ellipses
not just a gang of periods
a trail of possibilities
or give me the sweet interrupting dash
the running leaping joining dash all the voices
gleeing out over one another
oh if I must
give me the YIPPEE
of the exclamation point
give me give me the curling
cupping curve mounting the period
with voluptuous uncertainty

--Elizabeth Austen


Larri said...

I grinned from ear-to-ear as I read one of my favorites. And I whole-heartedly agree with the write. ☺ Thanks, Betty! Happy Tuesday!

Leah J. Utas said...

Sexy punctuation. Oh, my.

Marg said...

I hadn't seen this before. It is hysterical. Thanks for the good laugh.Hope you have a good day.

Pearl said...

I always knew there was something sneaky about punctuation.


Connie said...

Such a fun poem. I love this one!! Thanks for the smile this morning, Betty. Have a great day! :-)

Linda at To Behold The Beauty said...

Not being a big fan of poetry, I'd never read this before. But I loved it. Thanks for posting it.

Slamdunk said...

Ha, now that is a different perspective. I use commas at the same rate a 6 year old loses tokens at Chuck E. Cheese (sorry that was lousy).

Old Kitty said...

Yippeeeee for the exclamation point!!!!!!!! Hooorah!!!!!

Take care

Elizabeth Grimes said...

That's awesome! Lol! :)

My Mind's Eye said...

Very nice poem never heard it.
Madi's favorite punctuation mark is a question mark she walks around the house with a question mark tail most days...which is good...it means she is greeting us happily.
Hugs C

Unknown said...

I had never seen this one! What fun!

Baby Sister said...

Wow. I am in love with this poem!! I will never look at an exclamation point or a question mark the same way ever again.

Sush said...

So clever and so correct...,,,;;;;!!!

Brian (not the cat) said...

That's #%@&!# great.

Teresa Evangeline said...

Love, Love, Love this poem. It gives me license to be licentious with my punctuation.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That was clever!

SUGAR MOON said...


jenny_o said...

Oooo - blushing at the end there!

Great poem!

Ms. A said...

That's great, Betty! I consider myself the comma queen. I tend to overdo it a bit.

Ann said...

cute poem but it reminded me how horrible I am with punctuation :)

Peggy K said...


Mary said...

Betty, hadn't seen this poem ..love it ..thaks for sharing. Have copied it to read and enjoy another time. Thanks.

Gigi said...

Since I have a serious love affairs with ellipses.....I TOTALLY loved this poem!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I love it. I'm going to share with the English department at school.

annie said...

Thank you for the smile Betty!

Pat Tillett said...

I've always like that one and haven't seen it for years!