Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poetry Tuesday: "To Imagination" by Emily Bronte with Bonus Betty Remarks!!

Remember this picture from yesterday when I was Colorado Dreaming?

Well, later on that day, I was grading and I looked down to my folders on the desk and this is what I saw:

Can you see it?
There they are!
The aspens, the sky and the pines, right there on that wooden desk.

Wish Emily Bronte were here to pick up an electric guitar and sing this poem at the top of her lungs in a hard rockin' style.

Wait a minute--maybe she is...can you hear her?

Hit it, Emily!

To Imagination

When weary with the long day's care,
And earthly change from pain to pain,
And lost, and ready to despair,
Thy kind voice calls me back again:
Oh, my true friend! I am not lone,
While then canst speak with such a tone!

So hopeless is the world without;
The world within I doubly prize;
Thy world, where guile, and hate, and doubt,
And cold suspicion never rise;
Where thou, and I, and Liberty,
Have undisputed sovereignty.

What matters it, that all around
Danger, and guilt, and darkness lie,
If but within our bosom's bound
We hold a bright, untroubled sky,
Warm with ten thousand mingled rays
Of suns that know no winter days?

Reason, indeed, may oft complain
For Nature's sad reality,
And tell the suffering heart how vain
Its cherished dreams must always be;
And Truth may rudely trample down
The flowers of Fancy, newly-blown:

But thou art ever there, to bring
The hovering vision back, and breathe
New glories o'er the blighted spring,
And call a lovelier Life from Death.
And whisper, with a voice divine,
Of real worlds, as bright as thine.

I trust not to thy phantom bliss,
Yet, still, in evening's quiet hour,
With never-failing thankfulness,
I welcome thee, Benignant Power;
Sure solacer of human cares,
And sweeter hope, when hope despairs!

--Emily Bronte


Anonymous said...

that is pretty cool!

My Mind's Eye said...

Morning BB!!!
Very lovely poem....brought back memories of high school literature...my teacher's name was
Mr. Hamlet!! Really
Hugs Madi and Mom

Catherine said...

Oh Betty ~ such a way with words you have. You make me smile!

Happy Tuesday!
xo Catherine

Cool Gal said...

I love your Poetry Tuesdays. What a great idea. I rarely read poetry anymore (took a class in college - loved it), so this is such a treat.

Thank you!

Happy Tuesday.

Connie said...

Ah...such a lovely poem, Betty. I love the coincidence of colors with the notebooks too. Very cool! :D

Leah J. Utas said...

Yes. I saw it, too. Imaginations are wonderful things.

Tabor said...

You have a good eye.

Larri said...

Lovely poem! Though I had to go look up benignment. It's defined as kindly or benevolent. The first time I read it, I thought it read "beignet". I need more coffee or some breakfast! LOL Thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday! :o)

Nat said...

Lovely post, Betty! Great observation...
I do like your new header photo :)

Life Is A Road Trip said...

You young kids and your loud music!

Out on the prairie said...

You have a very vivid imagination, I'm seeing a painter in you perhaps.

Jules said...

You sure have nice folders. Mine are all that ugly beige color :)

Loved the poem and I think I heard the rocker chick :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Old Kitty said...

Yes - sometimes all we have left is imagination in this world of despair!!! Oh dear!


I love your pics!!! Thanks for a fab poetry Tuesday! Take care

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Now that's finding beauty in the everyday! A gift we all need to cherish and practice.


Baby Sister said...

I loved that. It was beautiful. Thanks for another great one Betty!!

Velvet Over Steel said...
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Velvet Over Steel said...

OMGoosh.. I am so sorry, Betty! I didn't get much sleep last night!!
& I'm a dork & I just commented on SueAnn's blog also. Going to more coffee!! Have a GREAT day laughing at me!! (I hope!)

Anyway..... Beautiful picture and I love the way you saw the colors and picture again when you looked at your folders. You are so creative & the poem is awesome!!! Love the way you connected this post all together!! :-)
Bigger HUG,

Joann Mannix said...

Hi Betty,

I've been out of town and I've missed your poetry and your splendid, perfect blog. Those colors are perfect and of course, you with your eyes would see just those very trees in your folder.

Thanks for being you, Betty. This is always such an uplifting place to be.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Now that is wild - what are the odds?

One Photo said...

Ah, to see the beauty in your folders, only you Betty, just like you find the beauty in the most ordinary of things and places.

Pat Tillett said...

that's just crazy!

Ann said...

Wow how cool that the Colorado scene was right there on your desk. Very cool.
Loved the poem, and I truly loved the line "Warm with ten thousand mingled rays
Of suns that know no winter days?"

Anonymous said...

With those pictures and Emily, you made my heart leap and jump and skip! Loved it!

Marlene said...


I love you, Bossy Betty! xoxox

Dreamfarm Girl said...

So true, Emily and Betty, so very very true. Emily's words remind me of Paul Simon, who does rock out on Kodachrome: "...they could never match my sweet imagination, and everything looks worse in black and white."

Pat said...

I see it! Lovely!

faye said...

Great choice for poetry Tuesday.
I think I see a little something extra in that photo....

Flea said...

Um. Emily Bronte rocks?

Ms. A said...

Whatever it takes to make those folders (work) look attractive... I say "go for it!"

Hilary said...

Oh that's wonderful! I could easily see it.

Cheeseboy said...

I see it! And a very nice poem.

Susan Fields said...

What a beautiful poem! And lovely pictures. Even the folders look pretty when you see fall colors in them.

ds said...

That's a great connection you made (anything to make grading easier)!!
Wonderful poem. Thanks so much for sharing it.