Monday, February 22, 2010

Your Monday Morning Fruit and Flower Bonus Combo Pack

"Every minute of your life is infinitely creative
and the universe is endlessly bountiful.
Just put forth a clear enough request,
and everything your heart truly desires must come to you."

--Shakti Gawain

The fierce strawberries were fine for the weekend, but these patient, kind, and gentle oranges will help you through the week ahead.

Of course, Betty did not forget your flower delivery for the week:

These flowers were near the little fruit stand we stopped at.
Magnificent, aren't they?
I picked these just for you.

Happy Monday!


Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

Those are gorgeous flowers!

crunchyveganwifelife said...

Will you be my best friend???
Your blog makes me happy!!!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Boy, did I need that! Thanks, Betty!

LoisW said...

That made me happy too! Thanks! I can taste the oranges and smell the flowers... I am so ready for spring!

Anonymous said...

You are killing me! I'm happy that it rained today instead of more snow like they were originally predicting. I guess I'll have to stop by your blog to get my much needed dose of spring. And perhaps I should consider moving to where ever it is that you live!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE those oranges! tell me where this fruit stand was so I can go get some. those are gorgeous. thanks for the cookies today, bb. they were rad rad.