Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Poetry Tuesday: "This Paper Boat" by Ted Kooser

This Paper Boat

--Ted Kooser

Carefully placed upon the future,
it tips from the breeze and skims away,
frail thing of words, this valentine,
so far to sail. And if you find it
caught in the reeds, its message blurred,
the thought that you are holding it
a moment is enough for me.


Unknown said...

Oh, I love Ted Kooser! Thanks for this. And here is another of his little valentine poems slipped into a pocket:


If this comes creased and creased again and soiled
as if I'd opened it a thousand times
to see if what I'd written here was right,
it's all because I looked for you too long
to put it in your pocket. Midnight says
the little gifts of loneliness come wrapped
by nervous fingers. What I wanted this
to say was that I want to be so close
that when you find it, it is warm from me.

Unknown said...

What lovely little poem. Happy Tuesday!! I used to read a lot more poetry in my younger years -- not I am more into romance novels and the newest books turning into movies...it's crazy what age will do to ya!

Linda said...

Hi, Love this poem....and the poet. Thank you for your comment. yes, very tired of winter. Not much I can do about it so, I am just sitting back and taking pictures..