Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Poetry Tuesday: "Small Town" by Philip Booth

Small Town
--Philip Booth

You know.
The light on upstairs
before four every morning. The man
asleep every night before eight.
What programs they watch. Who
traded cars, what keeps the town
The town knows. You
know. You've known for years over
drugstore coffee. Who hurts, who
Why, today, in the house
two down from the church, people
you know cannot stop weeping.


K M said...

Hey Betty,
I must know about your photo for today's poem.

Brian said...

Your neighbors need new blinds.

LoisW said...

Wonderful poem... I have wondered so very often! Great photo!

Miriam in KS said...

This poem and blog title got me thinking about old men and matchsticks in that little shack behind the bank and the old women sitting at the round table in the front window of the drugstore just around the corner. I think I'm missing them and their gossip.

And I also think that I am now much closer to their age today than I thought I'd be then.

Anonymous said...

please, something cheery next week, bb. a poem about fruit, or the sky, or something else.

Jennifer said...

Interesting poem!