Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Poetry Tuesday: "Beach Attitudes" by Robert Dana

Beach Attitudes

--Robert Dana

Blessed is the beach, survivor of tides.

And blessed the litter of crown conchs and pen shells, the dead
blue crab in all its electric raiment.

Blessed the nunneries of skimmers,
scuttering and rising, wheeling and falling and settling, ruffling
their red and black-and-white habits.

And blessed be the pacemakers and the peacemakers,

the slow striders, the arthritic joggers, scarred and bent under
their histories, for they're here at last by the sunlit sea.

Blessed Peoria and Manhattan, Ottowa and Green Bay, Pittsburgh,

And blessed their children.

And blessed the lovers for they shall have one perfect day.

Blessed be the dolphin out beyond the furthest buoy,
slaughtering the bright leapers,
for they shall have full bellies.

Blessed, too, the cormorant and the osprey and the pelican
for they are the cherubim and seraphim and archangel.

And blessed be the gull, open throated, screeching, scolding
me to my face,

for he shall have his own place returned to him.
And the glossy lip of the long wave shall have the last kiss.


Cid said...

Oh, I could use a little beach right now, everything around me is white.

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to send me spiraling into a depression?! :) I love the pictures and the poem. I wish I was there. Heck, I'd be thrilled if the pond behind my house would thaw and be open water again!

Brian said...

Nice poem, but what's with the catalog of non-coastal cities?

Bossy Betty said...

Brian--Please note title of the poem and write a 150-200 word paragraph about what light this might shed on the inclusion of these cities.


Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

So lovely, Betty! You really have quite a gift! That last picture of the soaring gulls makes me long so intensely for summer!

Erin said...

This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. I want to lay on a beach now!

Anonymous said...

I love this poem!