Monday, January 4, 2010

Your First Shipment of Flowers for 2010 has Arrived!

Wouldn't it be just fabulous to receive flowers every Monday morning? I know it would help set the tone of my entire day and even the entire week. Perhaps I wouldn't even get into my snappish behavior until, say 3:00, at which time a simple Mounds bar would set me back on the right track. Thursday, which is the week's equivilent to 3:00, would even seem a little brighter.

Betty's here for her readers. As my regulars know, I like to start out every week with a fresh delivery of flowers for you. Since this is your first delivery of 2010, I give you just a big ol' armful of flowers and this bonus commentary as well. Sit back, click on the bouquet to enlarge it and then just bask in the wonder that is YOU!

(Betty's Bonus Tip for Instant Popularity: Make sure someone else can see you gazing lovingly at your bouquet, just so you can say, "Oh! Why yes, I DO receive flowers every Monday!" Then walk around the rest of the day looking just a tad bit mysterious and smug.)

Happy Monday!