Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Speedy Betty

Speed Theme: a)

Yesterday we got high speed Internet installed in our house. Zoom. Zoom. I can't really tell you how fast, but it's fast. Evan had been complaining about our slow speed for a long time, telling us we were in the dark ages, telling us we were in the bottom eight percent of people in the world. I envisioned tribes in Africa or Indonesia, sitting around a campfire, their laptops open, laughing at people like us. Well, we changed all that. Now I just think about a web site and it pops up. Zoom.

Best of all, now I can hop on my tread desk and watch Hulu to my heart's content. Oh Brave New World!

Speed Theme: b)

By the way, I love my tread desk. Readers from the past will remember I got it during the summer. It's been great and I have not injured myself as of yet--a miracle when you consider that I have tried walking with my poles on it (bad idea). I got creative last semester and graded papers while walking on my tread desk. I had to explain the some students why there were some very wavy lines under some sentences and why my comments ran off the page at times. They just sort of looked at me, blinked, and then backed away. I followed them, saying, "But I was walking 3.5 miles an hour at the time! Isn't that cool?"

Speed Theme: c)

This brings us to the new semester that is coming up rapidly. My classes are all packed and you would think after teaching basically the same classes for the past 20 years, I could just drag out some yellowed syllabus originally done on a mimeograph machine, and slap it on the copier, but no, Betty frets and rearranges, and attempts to plan out the entire semester for every class, changing things and updating. I know some teachers who just give a general syllabus, but not Betty. Everything is mapped out, every assignment has a due date, and every lecture is planned and set for a particular date. It's the Trafalgar Tour of the classroom experience. Good Teacher Betty, right? Yes, but it also makes for this period of time in which Betty circles the rooms of her mind like a crazed cat, yowling and scratching at the doors to get out.

Speed Theme: d)

Is a recent dramatic development, Trader Joe's stopped carrying my regular green tea which I consumed every morning. (More on this later.) I have switched to another kind of tea for morning and I suspect it has more caffeine in it. What do you think? What do you think? What do you think? Huh? Huh? Huh?


Wisconsin Parent said...

Ha ha ha. Well, will this comment work today? I loved b and c. My friend's husband is a manager at TJ's. Want me to grill him for you?

LoisW said...

I'm thinkin' more caffeine!!! LOL But you're gonna need it for all this speed!

LittleSilkDress said...

Happy New Year!

Bossy Betty said...

Spot On: Yes! Get your husband's friend on this immediately!

MAW: I'm thinking a tad more caffeine too!

LSD: Thank you!


Miriam in KS said...

RE: Speed Theme: c)

We know one thing for sure. BB will not grow stagnate in the classroom. (Thank goodness!)

Think of how my plans for my classroom for tomorrow are being ruined by a snow day (sniff). I won't get to make lime green playdough or paint with the lil chil'ens tomorrow (sob). But then, I don't have to grade papers either.