Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Saltine Delights!

It's been a stressful week here in Betty's world. That means it's time to go to the kitchen and whip up batches of things that will bring joy and sunshine to all who partake.

When I first read this recipe on Recipeland I doubted it, but then I tried it and now I'm a believer. I doubt no more!


40 each crackers, saltine
1 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar, light
12 ounces chocolate chips
1 cup nuts chopped


Line up the saltines on a jelly roll pan that has been LINED with FOIL that makes a bigger rim than the pan.

There should be 5 rows of 8.

Melt butter and add brown sugar.

Stir often and bring to a full rolling boil for exactly 3 minutes.

Pour over the saltines and bake in a 400 degrees F oven for 5 minutes.

Sprinkle with chocolate chips and wait until they are almost melted; spread over all the saltines.

Drop the nuts over top as evenly as possible.

Refrigerate for two hours and then break up into pieces. (The dessert--not you!)

This is an easy recipe to make vegan should you desire to do so.



Miriam in KS said...

Dear BB,

I have a similar recipe for mock toffee that uses graham crackers and granulated sugar rather than saltines or brown sugar. I use slivered almonds and add coconut flakes. Yum.

(When I first looked at the photo, I thought pretzel sticks were involved too. Note to self: Must get eyes checked...soon!)

Nicolasa said...

OMG My mouth is watering!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG -- I think I will make this! Right now! Who needs sleep?

LittleSilkDress said...

YUM! Cooking is a wonderful way to battle stress. Hope it made you feel a touch more centered.

Unknown said...

Oh these are so yummy!! A girl that I work with makes them sometimes!!