Sunday, January 3, 2010

Out and About With Betty: Pasadena

As a kid, I looked forward to the Rose Parade every year. I'd grab my blanket, sit on our couch every New Year's Day and be absolutely fascinated with it. (And we still had a black and white TV after most people had gotten color!) I was sure that this parade must be held on some Polynesian island, not in the US. Remember, I was sitting in a chair that was in a house absolutely surrounded by snow. I looked out at the rock road, covered in snow, and across fields covered in snow. Surely, this sunny, magical place where these floats paraded by could not be in the same country I was.

Now, I live in that sunny, magical place and I am still fascinated with the parade. I get up every New Year's morning, get my blanket and sit and watch the parade. When they were younger, my kids would watch with me, and even now, they may watch a little.

Yesterday, I saw on the news that you could go and see the floats. Yahoo! HOB, Evan and I went and had a great time. As you can imagine, I had a good time taking pictures. I'll try and regulate myself and only do two or three more posts on them.

Here's my first offering:

Remember, according to the rules, all surfaces must be covered with organic material.

This one was the first one in the parade, bringing in the Grand Marshall--Captain Sully!

This is a close-up of just a small portion of one of the floats. I mean, don't you just love it?

Giant Birds.

Giant Vegetables.

The trip was Giant Fun!
More pictures to come!


Jennifer said...

Just stopping by to say hi and thank you for visiting/following my blog! Oh I loved these pictures. I hope you share more of them. Those floats are so neat and I had no idea they were covered in organic materials until I seen a "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe" episode where they were tearing them apart. (After they had been in storage awhile...not so pretty anymore but still interesting!)

Bossy Betty said...

Jennifer--Thanks for your comments as well!


Shan said...

I am a huge fan of the Rose Parade, too! A couple of years ago we went and helped with the City of Burbank float. It was pretty darned cool, even if all we did was separate tiny pieces of straw flower into four shades of pink, a few of purple and then beige (and even if six of us working four hours weren't able to fill up a small butter dish with the requested shade).

Here's their site, so you can check it out, maybe even submit your own design.