Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pencil Saturday

Betty is a pencil/pen snob. Oh, it's no secret around here. Don't bring that Bic in the house unless you're planning to take it with you when you go. If that pencil isn't a Ticonderoga, then it really isn't a pencil, is it?

As a result of my snobbery, I have an entire bag of rejects that I plan to take to the Boys and Girls Club soon. (Evan used to go there and to borrow a pencil from the club, the kid actually had to turn in one of his shoes.)

However, before I cart them in, I took some pictures to thrill my readers.


LittleSilkDress said...

I have a big box of rejects because of my pen/pencil snobbishness as well. Donating them is a wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

there's a sharpie in there!

what type of pen is in the bottom right of the last photo? it is a little out of focus and looks like it could be sparkly.


Anonymous said...

oh! i see it in another photo -- it is sparkly. some kid is going to be thrilled with that :)


Brian said...

I like the jewel-becrusted one. Looks like something a pirate would write with, if pirates could write.

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