Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Betty's Reading Log 2009

I think all know what makes Betty so pretty and smart--it's reading.

I keep track of all the books I read throughout the year and so I thought I'd present to you Betty's Reading Log 2009. I rate the books 1-4 stars and will withhold other comments unless I just can't stand it and I have to say something. Those with "BC" beside them are ones chosen by my book club and which I read to be a part of that groovy bunch of gals.

Confessions of a Shopaholic. Sophie Kinsella NO STARS! HATED IT! ONE OF THE WORST BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ! (BC)
Twilight (BC)
New Moon (BC)
Breaking Dawn Stephanie Myers. ** (Yes, I read the entire series. Sue me. Go Team Jacob!)
When You Are Engulfed in Flames. David Sedaris ***
Big Cherry Gap. Adriana Trigiani **
Cat Stories. James Herriot ***
Candy Freak. Steve Almond ****
The Fred Factor. Mark Sanborn **
The Rest of Her Life. Laura Moriarty ****
Stargirl. Jerry Spinelli. ***
Made in the USA. Billie Letts ****
Teacher Man. Frank McCourt **
Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading. Maureen Corrigan ***
Rise and Shine. Anna Quindlin *
Happiness Sold Separately. Lolly Winston ****
Guernsey Potato Peel and Literary Society. Annie Barrows ***
Atonement. Ian McEwan * (BC)
The Chosen One. Carol Lynch Williams. ***
The Weight of Silence. Heather Guenkauf **** (BC)
Shanghai Girls. Lisa See ****
The Sunflower. Simon Weisenthal ***
The Thousand Splendid Suns. Khaled Hosseini *****
Mudbound. Hillary Jordan ***** (BC)
The Shack. Williams P. Young. NO STARS! HATED IT! (BC)
Olive Kitteridge. Elizabeth Strout. **

May 2010 be filled with more Four Star Books for us all!!


Anonymous said...

ummm I'm jealous.
Can I count: all my Shakespeare books/articles/DVDs?

Trisha Dawn said...

Ahh, thank you! I have been reading through a prior list you posted somewhere and am getting to the bottom of it. I have really liked all but one of them, so I trust your taste, even though you don't like C.S. Lewis.

(Team Jacob here too by the way.)

Jennifer said...

This inspires me to read more! I don't know if Hobby Farms or Goat Rancher magazine count but I just don't make time for myself to read like I used too. I think that would be a good resolution for me this year! Sounds like you read some good ones and some not so good ones this past year!

jenny said...

Had to comment even though I'm nine months late to the party - because I am so happy to find someone else who didn't like The Shack!!!!!