Saturday, October 24, 2009

Celebrating with Bossy Betty!

Decorate the house, break out the carnival food and soda pop, and pull on those shiny spandex pants you save for special occasions. It's Bossy Betty's Birthday! This blog is officially one year old today. You have my permission to eat candy all day long.

Betty takes this opportunity to thank my faithful (and even the unfaithful) readers. I really do appreciate all of you--and especially those of you who signed up as followers. It makes me so happy to see your beautiful faces there when I sign on every morning.

Writing a blog is a little like going out onto a big, deserted stage, looking out at a dark auditourium and singing a song. At the end of the song, you hope to hear maybe a clap or two, just to know somebody was out there listening. So to all of you who make comments from time to time--thank you! I can't tell you how ridiculously happy it makes me to see a comment. (Back when Betty first started, the comment system was whacky and people had trouble getting through. Things have changed and it's much easier now! Hint. Hint. )

This year has been an interesting journey. Some people I thought would be faithful readers decided not to read at all. Some folks I never dreamed would join me have come along for the ride and have been delightful companions. I've made connections with some great people and am grateful for the whole experience.

Thanks again for dropping in and I hope you'll continue to do so. This is Betty's 324th post*. Betty MAY slow down in the coming year, but she may not as well. You never can tell. Now pass the bag of candy, flip on the strobe light and let's party down!

*Mable has just corrected me, reminding me that she wrote four of those posts. I stand corrected (and bullied) by my cat.


Brian said...

Congralatulations on your blogaversary, BB. I truly appreciate your commitment to keeping us, your fawning public, entertained and enlightened through your delightful blend of whimsy, keen insight, intellectual probing, and unabashed sentimentality. Not to mention the stunning photography. And the poems about food.

Trevor said...

Wow, congratz Bossy!

Un-Done said...

I remembered!

Bossy Betty said...

Ah, shucks! Thanks folks and Un-Done you have Out-Done yourself!!!

There are still a few hours left of BB's Birthday. Keep eating that candy!


Miriam in KS said...

Happy Birthday to your blog, BB!

Now to finally make a decision as to which candy to choose...mmmm. Decisions, decisions.

Anonymous said...

how DO you find the time, bb? you don't look a day over 323.

Bossy Betty said...

Thanks Miriam and PG!

Happy Homemaker said...

I've got my bag of Candy Corn (made with honey, of course!) ready to share! Let's pahtay!

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