Friday, October 2, 2009

Bossy Betty's Guide to the Seasons


Not Summer

I love the way Fall moves in like a beloved Maiden Aunt to settle our lives down, urge us to put on sensible clothes and just curl up in a chair, eat some pears and read for awhile. Betty marks the great transition from summer to fall with the traditional removal of the red toenail polish. This not only lets her toenails breathe, it also provides a handy reference guide should she ever get confused about which season it is.

Not only do I remove my toenail polish, and put away my delicate, lady-like sandals (shown above) I also mark the occasion by moving furniture around to make the house more cozy. I sometimes even change out the dishware and the rugs. (Here in California, the change of seasons is not all that dramatic, so I have to add drama where I can.)

Fall is also marked by the return of the Flycatchers!

(I had to borrow this picture from Wikipedia since the one who come to sit on my clothesline are apparently camera-shy.)

Every year around this time the Flycatchers come back from their vacations in Mexico, to sit on our clothesline and see what's happening with us. Since our bed faces the window that is about five feet from the clothesline, I get the treat of watching them in the morning, as they sit on the lines, looking in, watching me read the paper. They are fantastic little birds and their return to us has become a sure sign that fall is definitely here. (Most of them have taken off their red toenail polish as well!)

Betty wishes you a fantastic fall. Get out the sweaters, make some chili, and go roll around in the some leaves. (Checking first for sharp objects, allergy-causing molds, and animal feces.* I mean, we're aiming for festive here, not irresponsible.)

Until tomorrow!


*It's the pile of leaves I want you to check, but if you need to check your sweaters and chili for sharp objects, mold and animal feces, by all means, go right ahead.


LoisW said...

Fall is by far my favorite season. I love the cool breezes warning the coming of winter, homemade chili and apple pies. Great post!

Miriam in KS said...

In those days somewhat long ago, a drive south along Wellman Road would feature some Scissortail Flycatchers along a certain curve where a power substation sat. Did you ever notice them? Mom did and looked for them everywhere. They were one of her favorite birds. She would have been very interested in your Flycatchers

Anonymous said...

i, too, have taken off my red toes! and put another blanket on my bed even tho it is still 80 degrees outside.

Bossy Betty said...

Miriam--My Mom would mention the Scissortails too! It's the Cardinals and Robins I miss. We occasionally get a robin, but not the BIG kind.

MWAB--Thanks for your comments!

PG--Keep that blanket on! We'll need it soon!

Thanks all. Finding comments makes my day!


LittleSilkDress said...

What a wonderful season! We have beautiful weather, but the construction is keeping most of mother nature at bay. Bummer. As for the Scissortails: Miriam's mom/my grandma could spot them from a mile away but wouldn't see the tractor trailer in the next lane. Scary then, endearing now. :)