Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Snooty Betty and her Fabulous MBT Shoes

We all know Bossy Betty is a prudent gal. She's a back-to-basics, grain-eating, sensible shopper who knows how to clip coupons and use those tester bottles of lotion at the drug store to her best advantage, if you know what I mean. That's why my fans may be shocked to learn about my extravagance when it comes to exercise footwear.

These are my newest pair of MBT sneakers. Attractive, yes? Oh yes. I make quite the fashion statement when I step out in these. Honey, Betty is all about her MBT's. Now, brace yourself: They cost around $250.00 a pair.

It was my sister who got me started on these shoes and to tell you the truth, I bought my first pair, flunked wearing them and shipped them off to another sister who wore them, fell in love with them and convinced me to go get another pair.

Here's the deal: MBT shoes are designed to simulate walking on uneven ground. According to the website, "This creates a natural instability to which the body responds with small intuitive, compensatory movements."

It takes awhile to get used to them. New wearers are given DVD's on how to start walking in them. Dizziness and falling over are not unusual. Going down stairs is somewhat life-threatening. However, once you get used to them you'll be hooked like a monkey on these shoes. You'll be that mouse whacking away on the bar to stimulate your hypothalamus. They're that good.

Now, I did buy a black pair for work, thinking my students would not notice my new Herman Munster look, but they did, in about 3 seconds flat. "What's with the shoes?" one called out. Later, one of them said, "Hey, I think my grandma has a pair like that." I bent down (carefully so as not to topple over) and hissed, "Your grandmother wouldn't be able to stand for three seconds in these shoes."

About four years passed, and then, seeking even more excitement and stimulation, I bought a pair of "Super Sport" MBT shoes which are higher and have a more severe angle to the roll. According to one web site no one should attempt to wear these except for yoga experts. However, another website said they were recommended for highly autistic children. It noted the shoes having a "calming effect" for them. Hummm....

Sketchers has come out with a copycat model of this kind of shoes, but I'm sticking with my MBT's. I mean, I think I have a responsibility to the style community to keep up an example for others.

It's the Betty Way.


Anonymous said...

i'm thinking of getting the sketchers. maybe i could combine them with my little trampoline?

Bossy Betty said...

OH yes. Use your poles too for a total body workout.


Alexandra said...

Should I buy these? Kohl's has the Skecher pairs on sale for 110 bucks.