Thursday, September 3, 2009

Order is Restored in My World: We Have Access to the Internet Once Again

I came home last night to find my husband had given me a great and glorious gift.

It was better than flowers.

It was better than candy.

It was better than filling the hole which he created in the sink by trying to scrape gunk off with a screwdriver.

That big, sweet ol' man had fixed our Internet connection.

You thought coming home to the smell warm bread in the oven was good? Well, I came home, sniffed the airwaves and detected that slightly tangy smell of a recently purged IP address.
Was that spicy fragrance note coming from a rebooted router?

Oh yes. It was.

I love that man, and not just in a plain text kind of way. Oh no, it's an HTML kind of way, with deeply embedded affection.

I send out a big thank you note to my HOB for fixing the magic box and restoring order to my world.

Here's some flowers for ya, Babe. Now how about mowing the lawn and cleaning up the garage? Let's get moving!


blogger said...

Nice flowers and a wonderfull blog

Bossy Betty said...

Thank you! Glad to have you aboard!