Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Can someone keel over from too much grading?

I love teaching. I really do. However, this weekend the grading nearly did me in. Above you can see my wonderfully color-coded folders for my classes, packed with the papers I graded this past weekend.

(Quick Guide to Folder Colors:
Yellow=Sunshine=Morning 101 class
Red=Stop and Breathe Deep for the Week Ahead= M/W 96 class
Blue=Mellow Out and Relax =T/TH 96 class
Green=Super Growth=American Literature II
Purple=Sunset=Evening 101 Class
Manila=Everyday Use=Everyday 9:30 class)

I try and make comments on every paper, and I thoroughly mark every essay. I really believe that the students need to know their content is important--what they have to say is important, so even as I am marking sentence-level errors, I am also making comments on their insights.

This takes a lot of time.

Did I mention the 101's are partially on-line classes, so I have lots of homework on-line to check too? Last I checked there were about 250 assignments there.

Did I also mention that I promise my students I will return their papers one week from the day they give them to me?

I think I may go crazy before the end of the semester.
That could be entertaining for everyone involved.

Stay tuned!

The good news is, if I go completing nutty/batty/wacky, I'll make sure you all get to come on the trip with me.


Anonymous said...

i have NO idea what you mean at all, bb. aren't you over reacting just a wee bit? i mean, seriously. just give them all As for the first ten on the roster, Bs for the second ten and so on. just rotate it so it evens out. save time, save energy. have m&ms as well -- color coordinate the m&ms to the folders :)

Trevor said...

I like to throw my papers down a flight of stairs and what ever is closest gets an "A" and so on. Although pg's idea makes a lot of sense, mine is a bit more dramatic.

Miriam in KS said...

Dear Bossy Betty,

You are excused from grading any of my papers or comments.

Thank you,
MRH(C), flute player

Susan said...

I totally identify and relate to what you have written here, BB. Last week, I threw in a trip to the hospital on top of it all. Apparently, according to the surgical nurse, when I was coming our of anesthesia, I was asking for my papers and telling everyone that I had to get them done and why wouldn't they let me have them so I could get them done?

Sometimes, I think we take our jobs and this paper grading thing a little too seriously!

Bossy Betty said...

Thanks for all your comments, my fellow teachers! I will try all the techniques suggested! Thanks Miriam, for excusing me from commenting. (As you can see, it did not work, but you tried.) I called Susan and found it was not an excess of grading that had sent her into surgery. Whew!


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