Sunday, September 13, 2009

Elvis Comes to Town

Every year our fair city's Arts Council hosts a local Elvis impersonator.
This is BIG STUFF and the town really turns out for it.

Raymond Michaels is a local high school teacher/Elvis impersonator and I think he is dreamy.

People start reserving their spaces for the Saturday night concert on Thursday afternoon. I took these pictures on Friday, by Saturday afternoon, the number of chairs had doubled.

As I was taking these pics, an older guy came to set up something on the stage and he yelled out to me, "There's nobody there!" I smiled and waved back. "You're taking pictures of empty chairs, you know!" he yelled again. I smiled and waved again. He shook his head at the crazy lady.

Far back on the small hill, someone had staked out this simple arrangement.
It was my favorite.

HOB and I dropped by the Elvis show last night but I couldn't get any good pictures in the dark. There were hundreds of people there, though, listening to "Elvis, " many older women in windbreakers with jeweled brooches pinned on, hoping, praying, that they would catch one of the many scarves Elvis likes to throw from around his neck during the concert.

I love the whole camp of the Elvis show. It happens every year and is the finale of the concert season in the park. For us, it's become a sign that summer is over and fall is here.


LoisW said...

I always loved Elvis... my favorite show of his was when he wore all that black leather.... O M G !

Bossy Betty said...

Oh yes, I believe this impersonator has that outfit. I was telling my husband that this guy has a lot of incentive not to gain an ounce of weight since he would have to replace all these expensive costumes!

Brian said...

Thank you very much.

Bossy Betty said...

You are welcome, welcome very much.