Monday, August 10, 2009

Vacay Update: Final Day in Kansas

It was our last day in Kansas. We went up to go to church with my mom. This is an artsy shot of a sunflower growing in her back yard. I had to just hold the camera up under the flower and shoot since the sun was so bright and it was drooping.

After church we just drove around town waiting for the restaurant to open. Here's an original hitching post for horses.

After lunch we took Mom out to the country where we used to live. Here's the road to our place.

There's our farm!

This afternoon I visited with my best friend from high school. After that my nephew came by with two of his girls and we visited. Sister K and Niece Kasey came too. Tonight the sky bid us goodbye and put on quite a show over the grain silos across the river.

Soon we board our plane for California.
Thanks for a great time, Kansas!

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