Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Vacay Continues: Day Two in Kansas

Our fun in Kansas continued. This is my Mom's cat, Blue Eyes. He was a scared, skittish stray she lured in with a hot dog around two years ago. Now he is feasting on canned food every day and rolling around, granting us permission to pet him. He's a beauty.

We managed to make it to the Threshing Bee in time to watch some of the threshing with the old time steam engines. It was only about 100 degrees at this time, perfect weather to stand and watch the process.

There I am with two of my sisters I on a tractor like the one we drove on the farm. Our dad would have been so proud to see us on this John Deere!

No travel update from Kansas would be complete without a picture of a windmill....

Here's the rock that sits in the middle of the street in McLouth. Like so many other things in life, you just accept it and drive around it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

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