Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spray Paint: It's What's For Dinner

Our recent back yard renovation inspired me to give my clothesline poles a little face lift as well.

I am all about drying clothes on a clothesline, but I'll save that conversation for tomorrow.
(It's the weekend: We all need to pace ourselves.)

As you can see, rust and its relatives had taken over these poles and the result was not pretty. I remembered my grandmother's clothesline poles had always been a bright silver, so I decided to get a can of spray paint and just make a day out of it. I trolled the aisles of the hardware store, found the cage where they keep the dangerous creatures and asked that a silver one be released unto me.

I started spraying and discovered that spray painting a slender pole with a slight breeze blowing is not as easy as one would think. And, since I seem incapable of doing any art project (oh, it IS art!) with my mouth shut, I got a good taste of the tiny, probably poisonous liquid which tasted metallic and dentist-y which was psychological I am sure, induced because of the color. (Really, would I have thought a bright, glossy green would have tasted dentist-y? No, I think I would have thought it tasted Artificial Grassy.)

Soon heavily under the influence of aerosol paint vapor and propellant, I decided just silver would not do. I got out the masking tape, found a can of gold spray paint in the garage and had another snack of spray paint particles. (The gold tasted a little like old Ferrero Rocher wrappers--in case you were wondering)

Here is the final result. I am quite pleased with my project and more than a little fascinated with it too, spending just a little too much time out there, following the silver and gold lines around the poles until they disappear into the ground. Don't worry. When I get a little light-headed, I have sturdy new clothesline strings with which to steady myself.

Until Tomorrow, Betty Fans!


Happy Homemaker said...

Very pretty, Ms. Betty! There is an artist residing in that little efficient brain of yours.

Bossy Betty said...

Thank you, HH! You can call me Art for short.

Cricket said...

Ah. I knew it would be worth a peek. Heh, heh... I've consumed my fair share of spray paint myself, though personally, I like when I've been spraying, and then see myself in a mirror with nostrils neatly rimmed in the color of choice. It's a nice effect, I think.

I know, I know... you're supposed to wear a mask, but I can't stand the claustrophobic effect of that. A lesson learned the hard way, though; I always remember to remove my glasses now. That's something you do only once.