Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quick Vacay Update!

We spent our last night in Golden hiking near Clear Creek and enjoying this view. It was a beautiful summer evening.

Here's Marlene and Evan at the stream.

The next day we were up and about and caught our plane to Kansas. We arrived at the airport, walked right past our baggage claim and then had to come back.

This is what we found: Our three bags going around and around and around.

We did not need this particular facility, but it's nice to know it was available.

We went to my Mom's home town of Oskaloosa, Kansas, pop. 1000 or so. We took her grocery shopping. It was exciting!

We came back to Lawrence, where we are staying in a very nice hotel, right along the Kaw River. Here's our view.

Last night, Sister Kathleen and Niece Kasey came over for a visit. While they were here, Sister Marlene's youngest daughter called to say she was engaged! There were a lot of screams of joy in the hotel room.

Always thinking ahead, I picked up their wedding present in advance. (See above.)

Today we are going back up to Mom's, taking her to the Bank in McLouth (pop. 650 or so) and then hopefully going to the Threshing Bee!

Weather Update: Today's Heat Index 105 degrees. The newscasters are suggesting you go check on neighbors throughout the day to see if they are still alive.

Also on the news: The Douglas County Fair is featuring "Dancing with the Steers" tonight. So many events! So little time!

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Anonymous said...

are those mashed potatoes really $10.49? how much does one get? are they flakes or wet mash? that seems like an awful lot of money. pg needs to know.