Friday, August 21, 2009

Parenting Your Offspring and Wanton, Law-Flaunting Citizenry As Well.

Betty's cool, so of course she has DVD's of ALL of the "The Andy Griffith Show."

I mean, who doesn't?

I have also subjected my children to nearly all the episodes. When they were little, it was easier. They liked to sit by Mummy's side and watch the shows, especially if Mummy gave them candy in a desperate attempt to get them to do so. Now that they are older, I have to catch them when they are sick, injured, or it's Mother's Day and they must do my bidding.

I used a lot of lines from the show to parent these fine young men. Here's a scene from one of the shows. We know the lines by heart around here. Listen up!

This is another well-known scene around our house and you can bet we all yell this from inside our cars (windows up) when we see someone driving while talking on his/her phone. (It's illegal here in CA.) Try it! You'll find it's extremely satisfying.

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