Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fair Time!

Oh, it's the home of glory, tragedy, tattoos and personal hygiene items sold in bulk. It's the fair! We have a great one here. It's right on the edge of the continent, so that ocean breeze blows through the palm trees and the Ferris wheel sends you up to look over the Pacific.

Betty luvs the fair and goes every year! This year all my playmates were busy, so I hitched a ride with Sonny Boy and GOBS (Girlfriend of Betty's Son). We had big time fun walking around, looking at displays and generally soaking in all the culture that the fair had to offer.

We stopped by the canning display and were dazzled by the brilliance that IS canning.

These three beauties were lounging in the livestock area.

The midway had lot of action, including these Ninja Frogs floating about.

Time to eat! We had to stand in line for about 20 minutes to get these Spiral Fries. To tell you the truth, I think they made us kind of sick, but it's all part of the fair experience.

We saw this guy a few times throughout the day and he always had the same look on his face. I just think if you are going to wear a jester's hat, you've got an obligation to look somewhat happy. Apparently, those instructions did not come with this hat....

I have lots of pictures of the fair I want to share with you in the future, so keep those walking shoes on. We aren't finished yet!


Happy Homemaker said...

Did you see/hear David Cook?

Bossy Betty said...

No. We didn't stay that late. But there were LOTS of people waiting in line for his 730 concert at 2:30!


Brian said...

Is that Yorick on his shirt?

Bossy Betty said...

Why yes I believe it is! I knew him, Horatio.


Anonymous said...

it's like i was there :) until next year.

Anonymous said...

was he a man of infinite jest?

Bossy Betty said...


OH yes. Perhaps he ate your share of food, hence the look on his face

Anonymous said...

i don't eat that much!!