Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bossy Betty Says Hello From Golden,CO

Harold the Cat says hello too. He is the honored cat resident here at Sister M's. (There is another, even bigger than Harold. I sighted him last night. He's the size of a full-grown badger, but hides when the camera is out.)

Last night we had family come over and had a great dinner. Today we went to the city of Denver and visited the Museum of Art. Sister M warned us we might develop a case of vertigo while looking at the stairs.

We did not get vertigo, but we kept hoping....

Below is the outside of the building taken from one of the patios.

They were busy working on the outside of the building too. See the guys up there on the edge of the roof?

Another shot of the architecture:

We've had lightning, thunder, good meals, good walks, and lots of fun! Tomorrow mid-morning we head to the airport to go to Kansas.

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Anonymous said...

great pics! happy travels :)