Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Betty's Report on The First Days of School

Today is the third day of school at the community college where I teach. The number of classes we offer has been slashed, making for full classrooms, and disappointed students who can't get into any other classes. Despite this, there still lives a feeling of overall optimism. It's a fresh start and who doesn't love that? In the paragraphs I have my students write to introduce themselves, they share their dreams, their hopes, their true desires to succeed. It's pure heaven to read. I think they may also now appreciate their chance at education, as they look around and see those students who didn't get into the classes.

We've got a snazzy new building and a new cafeteria in campus. People have their new school clothes on, their new textbooks at their sides. The California sun pokes through mid-morning and brightens our lives. Oh yes, it's a pretty happy place, except for one area: the Copy Center.

I know Betty fans will remember my posting about the new copier. Each day I enter the Copy Center and see the scene: more teachers, realizing for the first time what we have been reduced to. Their mouths hang open as they stare at the Fisher-Price My First Copier that replaced our old, sturdy standard. One usually cool teacher, upon learning that this copier had no three hole punch, had to have immediate counseling by others in the area.

Meanwhile, the staff of the copying center huddles behind the counter, sending one person out at a time, and only for a limited time. The new sign at the desk reads, "For assistance, please ring bell only ONCE!" Something tells me there have been some fairly heavy hands/fists upon that bell recently.

There have been battle cries and I will surely update you as the weeks go by. In the meantime, if you've got a good copier at your workplace, give it some extra lovin' this week. You'll be glad you did.

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