Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Betty Is Home and Betty Has Questions

Is there anything better than coming back to your own home after being away on a trip?

As my readers know I have just returned from my sojourn to Colorado and Kansas, where, believe me, I had great accommodations. The beds were incredible thrones of white sheets and the comforters were indeed comforting. The showers were wonderful: mini, highly controlled waterfalls and every floor was clean and smooth. For three days I had maid service to make my bed and clean my sinks!

However, when I walked through my front door, (the door that needs a good coat of paint) I was one happy girl. My comforter has cat hair on it, my shower could use a new shower head and no maid has touched the sink for a long, long time. (Long time readers will remember that my sink has a blob of caulk in it from where HOB "cleaned" it with a screwdriver.) In addition, I must remember to hop over the section of carpet that meets the Pergo since there are tiny, piercing nails sticking up, ready to bite. When I got home these were leaps of joy. I was back! I was happy! I was home!

All of these things that should be on the "to fix" list are now (probably temporarily) on the "happily familiar" list.

Betty loves to travel, but Betty likes coming home even more. Is it because of my love of routine, of the familiar? Is it because I live in a Happy House? Would I feel differently if my house was House of Strife? Do others feel this way? When you come home from a trip are you ridiculously happy to slip your hand around the ordinary coffee cup that comes from your own cabinet? Do you feel giddy just to walk by your bookshelves and run your fingernail across the spines of your books? Do you crawl into your bed and make a sound that makes your neighbors blush when they hear it through the open window?

I know many of my regular readers are travelers too, some going away from their nests for as long as a month or two. Tell me, when you come home what makes you happy? What do you miss when you are away? What do you reach for when you come through your own front door?


Brian said...

I do a lot of business travel, so the kids run the place while I'm gone. If they are home when I get there, that gives me my first sense of relief (but no big deal if they are not home). Then I look for Rupert (who usually sits in the front window and yawns as I approach across the lawn), and I dandle him as I used to dandle the kids when they were small. More relief. Then I look around. If the house is in reasonably good order, that too is a relief. After that, it's hard to say -- sitting on my own sofa? Using my own bathroom? Throwing on comfy clothes? I guess all the little things add to to the overall feeling of contentment at being home -- back in the cave, unscathed by hyenas and wild cats (except for Rupert, who will sometimes lightly bite my arm to indicate that it is treat time).

Bossy Betty said...

It is good you look for living things first when you come home. You seem to indicate some tenseness upon arriving home, looking for reassurance that others are there and safe. I am glad Rupert is there to give you what you need. (Yes, you probably even need that bite on the arm from time to time.)