Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to the Fair

Could it be that it was only a week ago that I attended the fair? Ah, how far away those soothing sounds of the carnival barkers seem now! How faded are the happy memories already!
Oh, wait a minute.
I still have that big grease stain on the front of my sweatshirt from the three pounds of Spiral Fries I ate.

Oh, yes, just one sniff of the fleece brings it all back.

How do you feel about Ferris Wheels? I have always wanted to like them since they seem like the most romantic, traditional rides. However, when I get up there, trapped in that cold, scratched metalic little death circle of a seat/booth, the one with the totally useless and potentially life-threatening steel umbrella above it, well, romanticism be damned. I just want down.

Ah yes, those of Latino descent must be so proud to have the tradition of Mexi-Cone Food carried on at the fair. One can get the famous "Bean Cone" here--a scoop of refried beans placed in a cone of fried tortilla and sprinkled with cheese. I myself have enjoyed more than a few Bean Cones at the fair. Viva El Bean Cone.

Is it me or do the prizes are the fair seem a little more tragic than they used to? Oh, I think so.
If you did hard drugs in college, this picture may seem somehow familiar and disturbing to you....

When my friend Marvin moved into his apartment, there was a drawing of a horse's head with a frame painted around it, and the painted banner beneath it that read "Bunky: The Wonder Horse." At first he thought it was delightfully campy and kept it. It was just above his bed. Soon, however, he found he could not sleep with Bunky The Wonder Horse looking over him as he slept and after many sleepless nights he had to paint over it. Even then, he had trouble falling asleep knowing that Bunky was just under that paint, looking down at him, his horsey thoughts hovering just above all of Marvin's dreams.

Here's Bunky, come to life at the fair.


Susan said...

Thanks, Betty, for the walk down memory lane! I remember feeling very scared on the Ferris Wheel at the Fair there.

Anonymous said...

was it just last week?

i missed my annual tacone binge.

look at the stuffed animals. first, the composition of that pic is great. second: the monkey has his little hand on the green monster's head, as if to comfort or soothe. or seduce?


Bossy Betty said...

Susan--I am glad it's not just me! I think that thing is scary!

PG--Good observations! Now, write a paragraph about what YOU think is happening. This will not be analyzed by a health care professional or anything....