Friday, July 10, 2009

Off on VACAY!!!

That big pile of WintOGreen Life Savers can only mean one thing:
Betty's geared up for a trip.

Regular readers of Betty will recall that Betty luvs to travel and often has flashes of brilliant insight induced by the smell of airplane exhaust.

This time it's off to Portland, Oregon with some grad school buddies. We'll be gone there for four fun-filled days. This morning I'll take the train to the airport, fly to Portland and then meet the buddies who are flying in from Sacramento.

I've never been to Portland before and really have no expectations of the city. I do know, however, that there is a Beverly Cleary sculpture garden AND I may be able to visit Klickitat Street which Henry Huggins fans will recognize. I am sure we will visit Powell's Books and maybe, just maybe ride Portland's famed public transportation system. There's also been talk of visiting the Japanese Garden.

Hey, when you vacation with English majors, you gotta be ready for serious action like this.

I'm leaving the males on their own here. I think they'll be fine. Mabel, my cat, however, may miss me. It's strange, but I think she knows I am leaving. She comes and sits by my side whenever I have my computer open. She heaves her impressive body up against mine and stares at the screen. She's so attached and devoted to me. All I can do is assure her (and all my faithful readers out there) that I'll be back soon with a full report from Portland.

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Brian said...

Have a wonderful time, Betty! I've been there only a few times, long ago (mainly when I lived in Seattle), and I always wonder why I don't get up there more often. So clean, people so purposeful yet nice.