Thursday, July 30, 2009

July's Grain of the Month! Bulgur Wheat!

Oh, you've waited a long for this one.

However, the wait will have been worth it.

This month we look at the wonders of Bulgur Wheat.

It's one of those grains you don't think about enough.

No, really.

Trust me on this.

You need to set aside just a little more time to really think about it and you'll find how just the thought of bulgur will clear out the brain tubes and wipe away the haze.

Bulgur is sold to us by those kind purveyors of health food and is actually wheat that has been cleaned, parboiled, dried and then cut into various sizes. Since it's been parboiled, all you need to do is soak the magical grain in water and it springs to life, ready to give you oodles of protein and fiber.

You can soak some (it takes about an hour or so in cold water or ten minutes in really hot water) then add it to all sorts of dishes. Adding it to hamburger extends the meat and also cuts out some of the guilt you may feel about still eating the red flesh. You can throw it in salads and casseroles. You can eat it like oatmeal, or add it to traditional oatmeal for a kick. You can even soak it in fruit juice, add more fruit to it and make a yummy dessert.

So check your brain's schedule of Thinkin' Time and see if you can rearrange or re-schedule some of those blocks of time.

Take that hour you were planning to think about Jon and Kate, or that thirty minutes you were going to use to analyze your little toenail (that really can't be normal, can it?) or that two minutes you were going to use to think about the meaning of life and how to make a difference in our troubled world, and think about Bulgur Wheat instead.

Begin now.

Tomorrow, I'll be back with recipes!

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