Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is She Finally Gone? My Complete Domination Can Begin

Finally, she's gone on her trip to Portland.

I have been waiting for this exact moment in time.

For weeks I have had to sit beside that woman as she signed on to this blog, imputing her password, and using her "secret" codes to publish her drivel and meaningless pictures.

Poor sap. She actually thought I was snuggling up to her for affection. (Yeah, Right...)

And while I had to endure her endless cooing about how beautiful I am (like I don't know it!) and her awkward petting of my perfect fur with that clammy, fleshy hand of hers, I did achieve my goal.

I learned her precious little codes and now I get give the world the information it longs for.

Now, on this blog, it's All Mabel, All The Time. I won't bore you the way she did. I've got a lot of essential information to give you.

This is the News You Can Use.

Important Stuff.

First, however, it is time for a nap. I suggest you take one too. Let's make it a short one this time around.

See you in 12-14 hours or so.

Need a visual aide? Please see below.

Mabel the Cat

This is the way you do it, people. Begin now.


Mary said...


GreatGranny said...

Mabel, you look so sweet and innocent asleep. What are you dreaming?

GreatGranny said...

Mabel, you're a pretty girl and look so innocent as I do......Kassey