Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Back! I Had a Grate Time in Portland!

(Mable and I are still in negotiations concerning control of the blog. Circumstances are in my favor, however, since I can go approximately ten minutes longer than she can without a nap. I intend to have her sign away all rights as soon as her eyes begin to glaze over.)

I'll be back tomorrow with more of a narrative of my trip.

Meanwhile here are some grate photos I took while in Portland, a city that understands the amount of time people spend looking down throughout the day. Thanks for making that time a bit more interesting.


Anonymous said...

have i shown you the 752 pictures i have of grates and municipal coverings? i think they are fascinating, and we should start a blog/website dedicated to them. did i mention i have 14,000 pictures from europe? and growing?

Bossy Betty said...

You went to Europe?


Anonymous said...

did i not mention that?