Monday, July 13, 2009

Day Three and I Am Still In Control

Do some of you come to this blog expecting pictures of someone other than me?
Have you ever seen an O magazine?

Let's face it. It's exhausting just being a cat and sometimes a girl's got to have a little fun.

Here's Mabel's Guide to Big Time Fun:

1) Don't be afraid to eat. Life's too short for Diet Kibble. That big male human tried to put me on a diet once. Imagine! Oh, he had nerve. He let that other cat have all she wanted. (Note that I do not mention the other cat around here very often. She's a complete sellout, a drooling sycophant to these people.) Anyway, that whole diet thing did not last very long. My vigorous campaign for more food via enhanced vocal sounds jellied his nerves within one week, and now my kibble dish is always full--as it should be.

2) Nap as much as you can, as often as you can, wherever you can. Napping is the fountain of youth. Napping is essential to good mental health. The best naps are taken on flat, clean surfaces. If your humans do not clear their table for you, simply show them how to do it. They are slow creatures, but they'll eventually get the idea.

3) Fountain drinks are superior to "bowls." Insist on them! Why drink still water from a common bowl when you can have fresh water gently running from the tap? My technique is this: I wait for the medium-sized human to go to the bathroom sink to place small round plastic discs in his eyes. Just as his finger gets near his eye I leap up and rub against his elbow. He makes a strange sound, but he has learned that this is his cue to turn on the water just a trickle and it is then I lap up my day's supply of clear liquid.

4) Cat Nip is your friend. It clears the mind and allows peaceful thoughts to flow. Insist on it. Don't just settle for the stuff that comes in the bottom of the scratch pad. Your humans know where to get the good stuff. As you can see from the picture below, mine sure do.


GreatGranny said...

Hi, Mable, I have my nip in a sock which has been misplaced, bet she put it somewhere. I also have a silly grey mouse with nip in it, but it doesn't move. Who is she kidding anyhow...Pfffsst....Kassey

GreatGranny said...

I had to teach Mom to let the water run and she has a bowl for my finicky self, just in case....Of course I still can't find my nip....Kassey