Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crafty Betty Returns With Questions

I thought we'd go back to the Crafts Store today. Hope you enjoy these pictures and the mind-expanding questions too!

Who invented the zipper? Why do most zippers have YKK on them? Have you ever sewn a zipper into a garment? How many stuck zippers (either literal or figurative) have you had to deal with in your life? Why were zippers at one time considered immodest for women?

What exactly is foam rubber made of? Have you ever (inadvertently or on purpose) inhaled old foam rubber? Is picking at foam rubber human nature? Have you ever tried to cut thick foam rubber? What percentage of Americans have slept on foam rubber during their college years?

When were the first buttons invented? Why do women's garments button from the left and men's button from the right? Did you have a button collection when you were a child? Have you ever swallowed a button?

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Happy Homemaker said...

Betty, you ask a lot of questions. But you did hit on something that I think most girls of "our generation" can remember thier moms' as having. Its the button jar. Our depression era moms cut the buttons from the worn out clohes that they discarded, to reuse them in other garments that they planned on sewing in the future. This jar provided entertainment for us kids. It was fun to just pou them out and choose our favorites. Simple pleasures of a time gone by.