Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bossy Betty: Visionary? Or Obsessive, Multitasking Genius? You Decide.

Everyone who knows Betty knows she loves to multitask. Whether it's flossing in the car, cutting onions during a sad movie or using all that time in the jury box to make up some handy shopping lists, she loves to squeeze the minutes out of an hour.

I had been thinking about getting a treadmill desk for some time and I finally took the plunge and did it. Yes, that's right, I can now walk on a treadmill and type on the computer at the same time and YES! I am doing it right now! I ordered my "tread" after researching for hours on the Internet and becoming convinced that (as one site put it) "the chair is the enemy."

There's a whole community of people out there using treadmill desks. You can order the thing whole hog and spend a bunch of money, or you can build one out of an old treadmill and a makeshift desk made out of orange crates. I ordered the "tread" which is a treadmill without arms and then went to Ikea (hence the pictures yesterday!) and got an adjustable desk.

WOW!!! I love using my tread! I started off at a slow pace, walking along at 1.3 mile per hour, but now I can do a 2 mile per hour pace while typing and not fall on my face. You'll notice from the picture above that I also have my mini DVD player at eye level, a reading stand so I can read, and a pen/pencil holder which props up a mirror so I can see if anyone is sneaking up behind me. (This mirror has also provided me with close-up views of my neck which have been slightly disturbing.)

There's something about walking and reading/typing/viewing DVD's/and talking on the phone that just makes a girl feel alive (and, OK, a little dizzy at times.) As you can see, I have a lower shelf I have not utilized yet though I am thinking a deep fat fryer might be a welcomed addition so I can get a head start on dinner some nights. One friend suggested I install a lighted makeup mirror and put my make-up on while treading in the morning. Treading: It's a Lifestyle!

Don't worry, my friends! I am still out there in the morning, greeting the day with my poles and Nordic walking around the neighborhood. I would not want to disappoint my neighbors who watch for the crazy lady every morning.

Here's my handy-dandy monitor that is also on the desk. As you can see, this is early in the day:
I've been averaging about 2.5 miles per day.

Join the revolution my Darlings!
Arise from the mire of your office chairs!
Evolve with me!

Here's a video from GMA about Treadmill Desks:

P.S. Some of you may have noticed there are scissors sticking out of that pencil holder on my desk. Don't worry: I limit my speed on the tread to 3 mph when doing my Chinese Paper Cutting.


Brian said...

I have the same adjustable desk, assembled in the conventional manner with the writing surface lowest. I use it in static fashion, with a chair. It provides little exercise.

But I dig your setup there. I have been thinking of getting a treadmill so I'd be able to watch movies while running (I keep up a brisk pace unsuitable for typing. Music helps relieve the boredom of running, but I'd probably work out longer with film or TV reruns.

Bossy Betty said...

Interesting that we would have the same desk!

When I was thinking of getting a regular treadmill with arms, I checked into little stands you could put on them and found a semi-decent one at Amazon.

You may be able to watch movies and run your laptop while watching a movie though I would avoid watching Steven Seagal movies in this manner.
You might just get overly stimulated and a bit confused at the same time. That man is such a great actor and his movies are so complicated.


Brian said...

Seagal is a wimp. JCVD is much better.

Bossy Betty said...

Oh yeah. He's INTENSE!!!


Suzanne said...

Hello Betty,

I came across your blog while scouring the internet looking for a treadmill without arms to set up under my desk. Can you tell me the brand of yours?

thank you,


Bossy Betty said...

Hi Suzanne,

I bought mine from Tread Desk

I called them before I bought it and got great customer service. They answered all my questions with no pressure.

I bought the desk at Ikea. It's perfect for the purpose.

I love my tread desk. It is so much fun!

Please let me know if you have more questions. I'm happy to help.

Talli Roland said...

I love this! What a brilliant idea.