Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bossy Betty Gives Her Seal of Approval to the Tomato.


I love them and I am trying very hard to trust those people who do not.

What's better than a beautiful tomato, fresh from the garden?

Oh these Globes of Goodness we hold in our hands!

They are warm, red, stoplights we hold in our hands that remind us to stop and enjoy this time of year.

We recently went to see a friend of ours who lives in Beverly Hills who grows LOTS of beautiful tomatoes.
She has eighty plants this year.
It was a trip to Tomato Wonderland!

She grows a lot of heirloom varieties and starts picking at 6:00 each morning and picks for at least two or three hours.
She's a very impressive 86 year-old!

Here are some of her beauties still on the vine.

She gives the majority of her tomatoes away to the many, many people who wait for her crop to come in. She also cans a lot of them. She makes her spaghetti sauce in advance and preserves it as well. This was just one of her cabinets o' sauces.

OH! Let us sing the praises of the tomato and dance with joy each and every time we see one!


Anonymous said...

wow! beautiful. i LOVE tomatoes. these pics have inspired me and reminded me to look forward to some good tomato sandwiches when i return to a land w/o rain. it's raining cats and dogs and a few tomatoes today, but it is lovely, and what better place to be when it rains than in a shakespeare library!

Bossy Betty said...

OH, These tomatoes are gorgeous. If you were in the area, you'd be clawing at my door until I came out and fed them to you.

I hope you took stylish rain gear to England!

Say hello to William!