Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Betty Update: Internet Trouble and Gratuitous Picture of My Cat


You are probably missing Poetry Tuesday and wondering where Early Bird Betty is with her morning posting. Alas! Here in our fair land someone cut a cable of some sort, throwing everyone off. Yesterday at stores all over town, we stood in line, our magic credit cards out, but we were unable to use them. Instead people had to use cash or that ancient artifact, the check.

Here at home, we wandered aimlessly, unable to access the outside world via the Internet. Primitive conditions called for us to use the phones to alert others to the fact that we did not have Internet. We were not able to look up obscure facts, to order books, nor obsessively check e-mail. We stumbled out into the street where our neighbors stood, also stunned, blinking at the sun. They turned, as if they wanted to chat, but really, was there anything to say? It was horrible.

I am quite happy to say that we once again have the Power. Ahhhhh..... We shall not forget this experience. Betty will be back tomorrow unless someone somewhere cuts a cable and then that person is going to answer to Betty and it won't be pretty.

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Anonymous said...

checks! using a PHONE! it was a dark day indeed.