Monday, June 8, 2009

Your Monday Morning Flowering Tree Delivery!

The jacarandas are in bloom!  The jacarandas are in bloom!  Hurrah!  These beauties burst forth this time of year and it is required that we stop and stare in amazement.  They are truly spectacular.

I had never seen a jacaranda until we lived in northern California. One afternoon, a friend of ours insisted we drive about twenty miles just to see a tree she knew of.  We went along, not expecting too much but then we came upon a giant jacaranda and we just stopped and stared.  It was the first I had ever seen.  We stayed there, looking at it until the sun set. We ended the evening with applause, grateful for the show.

Now we are surrounded by these gifts.  There is a street near us that has about ten, all in a row.  You can walk beneath them and feel the blossoms fall on your shoulders.

They even make the carpet of ivy beneath them more beautiful.

Recently, we had guests from Mexico who told us that in Spanish there is an adjective derived from jacaranda.  The word is "jacarandosa" (hock-a-ron-dose-a) which means vibrant, beautiful, bursting, full of life.  

Here's to a jacarandosa week!


Suse said...

I want to come and see the jacorandas!

Bossy Betty said...

I want you to come and see them! We can run around beneath them!

Brian said...

Such a strange flower.

Bossy Betty said...

Such a strange scent--musky, like the paw of a dog.