Friday, June 26, 2009

Laundry Room Confidential: Saturday Night

I know I promised you all an essay today, but I am still working on it, so I thought I'd unleash some of the black and white photos I've been working on.

There I was, in a laundry room on Saturday night, just hanging out, you know, like people do on Saturday night. Here are the photographs I took while there. (Yeah, I had my camera there. What? Is that weird? Hey, it was the weekend; I wanted to document my time out!)

Alert! Bonus Thinkin' Questions Included At End Of Post!!

But first, we absorb the photos:

NOW! Bonus Thinkin' Questions for all you Students of Life:

1) Please compare the atmosphere of these photographs with the bright, obsessively-happy, color-drenched, amusement park-like depictions of doing laundry on television commercials. What statement might the artist be making by presenting these pictures in stark black and white?

2) In the third photo, please note and comment on the differing sizes of the "Quarters" slot versus the "Coin Return" slot. Note the seemingly contradictory use of the plural "Quarters" on the thin slot, vs the use of the singular "Coin" on the wide slot. What wider implications does this have? What statement does this make about the nature of mankind?

3) Please comment on the use of the word "Laundry" in the following statements,
"I am going to the Laundry." (a place)
"Have you done your laundry?" (a task)
"Tom Laundry was a great coach." (a misspelling and debatable opinion)

4) Examine the fourth photograph and analyze the possible ramification of the asterisk on "Small Loads." What might the corresponding footnote read? Is this a statement on the condition and status of single people in our society? Is this an attempt to shame those in our culture who may have "small loads?" Or, conversely, could the footnote be a congratulatory note for embracing the now popular philosophy of Simple Living?

That should keep you busy. See you tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

do you miss work?


Bossy Betty said...

Apparently so!


Brian said...

1. B&W photos harken back to the time when all photos were B&W; thus, its use automatically invokes a certain nostalgia or sense of timelessness.

2. Read Stephen Pinker regarding induction of grammatical usage rules. While you're at it, "The Stuff of Thought" contains an excellent indictment of so-called "language mavens."

3. I actually call it the laundromat. Yes, this morning. He left the game when he was all washed up.

4. Your actual mileage may vary. Professional driver, closed course. Do not try this at home. Not affiliated with the Columbia Broadcasting System.

Bossy Betty said...

Very Good, Brian!



Unknown said...

than for sharing.