Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sonny Boy!

Sammy the Slug--Forced to stand in for the Birthday Boy*

Sonny Boy turns 21 today! Despite the fact that the boy stubbornly refuses to let me use his name nor post any pictures of him on this blog, (and believe me, he WAS and IS adorable) I send him good wishes and love.

Since he was our first child, it was up to him to teach us how to be parents. We were totally consumed by our new roles and we were fascinated by our son. He brought so many good things into our lives and continues to do so.

He turns 21 this year, legally an adult in every way. I see him, this lanky man and I understand that he is indeed grown up, but in my heart, I have stored all those memories of him as a child and they live there, protected and probably a little too polished, but stored safely nonetheless.

Tomorrow I'll post "Visiting Hours," an essay I wrote a few years ago It's about children growing up. It's rather long, so rest up and get ready.

Happy Birthday, Sonny Boy! We are proud of you. Thanks for it all.

*Sammy the Slug is the mascot for UCSC where Sonny Boy goes to school.

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Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Trevor! I hope it will be your best year ever!