Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crafty Betty

As a kid, I spent a lot of time in fabric stores, waiting for my mom to look through pattern books and pick out material. Alas, I did not inherit my Mom's talent for sewing, but all that time in the stores made me a connoisseur of good displays. My friend K and I went to a craft store the other day and I happened to have my trusty little camera. I had a great time taking pictures while she did some serious shopping. I got completely carried away, so you'll be seeing quite a few of these photos in the coming weeks.

I love the smell of fabric. It brings back so many memories of my childhood, my attempts at sewing, my mom buying yards of a cloth that I picked out. I loved the way the Fabric Ladies flipped out a bolt of fabric on the table, measured it on the table with the built-in metal yard stick, took their scissors, made a notch in the fabric and then simply and ran the open scissors through the cloth to cut it.

Whenever I enter a fabric store, I always fully insert my snout between the bolts, breathe deep and have a nice tea party in my head, inviting back all those memories, dressed in their Sunday best. Someday, they will probably throw the fabric-sniffing lady out of the store, but I'll get to take my memories with me.

My mom was (and is) a Master of Knitting. She stored her many metal knitting needles in a long glass celery vase in our house. I used to run my fingers through them and hear the faint wind chime sounds they made. I spent a lot of time examining them. I loved the colors, the thick, flat heads, the hollow, penny whistle sounds, they made when I slid them against each other. The bird-like clicking of knitting needles while being used has got to be one of the reasons knitting is so popular.

I don't knit, but am seriously thinking of buying some needles just to have around the house. I think they'd be lovely in a long glass vase, next to the couch where I could just run my hands through them whenever I liked, listening to their music, their cool metal against my fingertips.


Grace said...

My Mom and Grandmother were both excellent seamstress. My daughter looked gorgeous when she was little as my Mom went nuts making dresses. She must have been like you in the fabric store. I know she had a closet lined with cedar so the fabric was not infested with moths.

Happy Homemaker said...

I think that many of us girls from that "era" have those same memories of going to fabric stores with our mothers. I loved the opportunity to dream of how the finished product would look after my mom did her "magic" with her sewing machine. Those days were sweet!

Bossy Betty said...

Grace and Happy:

Thanks so much for your comments! We were lucky to have moms who sewed for us. I don't think I appreciated it at the time, but I do now.


Unknown said...

thank for sharing.

Unknown said...

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