Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bossy Betty's Summer '09 Book Blast: What's Cookin'


As my regular readers know, I attribute my wit, brains, beauty, abundant use of metaphors, and innate humble nature to the power of reading.  

In the past, books served as the macadam that led Betty from the farm to the city.  In her college days, they served as the golden paving stones that led her from ignorance to sophistication.  Today they serve as guides and sensors in her life.  Like Botts' Dots and little under-the-pavement thingys that Cal Trans uses to track the flow of traffic on the superhighways and freeways of Southern, they keep her centered, on track and aware of any overloaded or underused thoroughfares in her life.

Summertime is reading time and Betty has been swimming in a delicious pool o' books recently.  From the shallow to the deep, I've been making my way through the stack of books that has been by my bedside for a good time now.  Though they were ignored, neglected suitors, they still came to me when I beckoned to them.  They jumped in and shared themselves with me.  And even though a few of them were not as alluring as their covers, still I read them out of a sense of duty and shared respect.

I dare say Betty has earned a reputation for being a glamorous reading gal and is often asked by friends for suggestions.  This THRILLS Betty to no end.  

(In fact, I like to spout off suggestions even when not asked.  I am thinking of getting little prescription pads I can carry with me and whip out of my pocket when I see someone --friend OR stranger--who I sense needs a good book. I would stand, writing out my prescription on the pad cupped in my hand and and say, "Now, you'll need to sit down and read this twice a day for two weeks.  If you need something stronger, let me know.")

So, when Friend-of-Betty, Pam, called to get some summer reading suggestions the other day, it was not enough to simply toss out a few suggestions.  No, I got off the phone, immediately went to my book shelves, rolled up my sleeves and, like a great chef,  selected the ingredients for a satisfying and yummy Summer Reading Casserole just for her.  I started with a good, solid base of fiction, added a creamy girly-book, whipped in some nutritious non-fiction and ended with a spicy little mystery.  Like any eager chef, I made too large of a casserole, but that's OK.  She'll have leftovers.  She can share them with friends or save some for a snack this fall.

I will deliver it to her this afternoon.  Now, living up to the moniker of this blog, what Bossy Betty REALLY wants to do is to tell her in which order to read them AND to sit beside her as she reads them and watch her, monitoring her reactions.

However, I think that might be going a little too far.  

Or maybe not?  

Maybe just peek in her window as she reads?

Just one or two times?  Just at night?

OK, I won't.  I promise.  

I'll just do it during the daylight hours.

So, what's in your Summer Reading Casserole?


Brian said...

After months of laboring through nothing but German short stories, I've just been rereading books I read last fall, like The 351 Books of Irma Arcuri (that's just one book, not 351), and I'm presently going back through Turgenev's Sketches from a Hunter's Album. I'm planning to pick up Robert Littell's The Stalin Epigram, a novel about an outspoken and persecuted poet in the USSR in the thirties.

Bossy Betty said...

Bossy Betty sez--This is one heavy, creamy, meaty, chunky casserole!

Sure you wouldn't like a vegetable or two? How about a nice fruity salad? How about some David Sedaris?