Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to the Crafts Store With Betty

It's Saturday!

Time to clean out the garage.

Time to do that laundry.

Time to sit and pick the ticks off the dog and place them in a Mason jar to add to your collection.

Your work never ends.

Since you have no time to get out and about, Betty thought you'd enjoy a virtual trip to the Crafts Store.

Oh wait! I hear a bit of grumbling out there. I hear, "Hey, Betty! It's Saturday! If you are going to take me somewhere through pictures, why not the beach? I don't want to go to the stinkin' Crafts Store! I want the excitement of the beach! I want to go to the beach!"

Well, OK! Fine! But THIS trip is going to be powered by your own imagination!

Won't that be fun?

Let's start. Look at the picture above and imagine the gentle, undulating waves, flowing up to the shore.

OH! It's a beautiful day here at the beach!

You were so right. This IS better than the Crafts Store!

Hey! I've got an idea! Let's not just sit on the diamond-like sand, let's get a boat and go out!

OK! What fun! Grab your sun screen!

Look above!

These are the bubbling, giggling, foamy waves that playfully surround your small, poorly constructed rowboat as you naively head out for a day of fun atop the dark, chilly depths.

Their jumping, gently roiling action reminds you of playful little puppies, coming up to nip your heels.

Oh! This is so fun!

You laugh.

You sing!

You remember you forgot to bring any food or water on your trip. (Things you would not have had to worry about on a trip to the Crafts Store since there is an AM/PM nearby with snacks and drinks, but hey! This trip to the beach which you insisted upon is SO MUCH BETTER!)

Drop your hand in the water.

Oh! Those gleeful little puppies are getting bigger!

They grow so fast!

You know, into large, overly-aggressive, often-times vicious packs of attack dogs that can take down an innocent human and dismember him/her in 3.2 seconds.

Oh! What's this?

Churning, boiling, seething water coming up to meet you like hell's envoy?

Why, yes! It certainly is!

Your boat and you are tossed about on the water like dice in the hands of a cocaine-addicted gambler in Vegas.

Oh! Where is the shore?


Swallowed up by miles and miles of this madness which mocks your feeble attempts to survive.

If this there the simple trip to the Craft Store that Betty suggested in the first place, you could simply turn and walk out the front doors to escape, but, no, YOU wanted to go to the beach.

You were SO right!

This was much better.

What's that?

Does Betty sense that a virtual trip to the Crafts Store is sounding pretty good right now?

Does Betty sense an apology?

Oh no need for that.

Betty does not hold a grudge. Just knowing you are experiencing Personal Growth Through Guilt is enough for me.

Now you'd better get back to those chores.

Those ticks aren't going to pull themselves!

Have a lovely Saturday!


Happy Homemaker said...

This is a little bit like hanging out in my backyard, turning the whish of the cars going by into visions of waves crashing on the beach! Hey, we do what we have to!

Bossy Betty said...

Can I come over and lay out in your back yard in my thong bikini and listen to the "ocean"? Please?


Happy Homemaker said...

You can come on over, but that thong has got to stay home in your dresser! I hear that Woolworth's has real cute one pieces with little skirt sewn in...

Bossy Betty said...

I'll get you a matching one!


notesfromnadir said...

Nothing like a colorful & filled w/ texture crafts store! :)