Friday, May 8, 2009

Road Trip!!

We are headed out on a road trip today. You know Betty loves a road trip and plans for them like the mini-vacations that they are.

This time I have company in the car: HOB and Evan. Evan is 16 now and being trapped in a car with the parents is pretty much his idea of a nightmare. I don't have any idea why. HOB and I know how to have some big-time fun on road trip

Who doesn't love a "Rocky Mountain High" sing-along?

Who doesn't love a long discussion about whether or not to trust the lady on the GPS system?

And how about this kind of exciting conversation:

"I think I may have to go to the bathroom"

"Do you want me to get off here?"

"No, let's wait, I guess."

"We could always use some gas anyway. We should just pull off here"

"No, let's keep going. The next exit will probably be better."

"Maybe we should get off here."

"I think I'd like a Subway sandwich too and I don't see a sign for a Subway."

"So, I'm pulling off, or I'm not pulling off?"

"No let's wait. Maybe we can find a Taco Bell at the next exit."

"I thought you wanted Subway."

"I do, but you said you could use some gas."

(Loud laughter from adults in car.)

Evan complains, but I know he'll appreciate the deep meaningful talks we can have with him within the confines of the car. You know, like about the merits of pebbled ice versus chunky ice in drinks from AM/PM or about what those Starbursts he is popping in his mouth are really made of.

We are heading up to see Sonny Boy and his lovely girlfriend in Santa Cruz. It's about a six hour drive. The first night we are staying at a hotel that offers this description of the surrounding area:

Providing a dramatic backdrop to Marina State Beach are some of the central coast’s tallest dunes, handsomely shaped sand mounds that are habitat for a number of plants and animals. Rare native flowers such as Monterey paintbrush and the coast wallflower brighten the dunes, where the black legless lizard and the ornate shrew skitter about.

Hey, I always say, if you are going to be a shrew, be an ornate one.

The description for our place on the second night:

Nestled amongst the aged oak trees and tall ancient redwoods, this lodge has provided inspiration to writers, artists and the weary traveler in search of majestic splendor that would soothe and restore both heart and soul.

Notice the description doesn't say whether the weary traveler finds the majestic splendor nor whether his heart and soul are truly soothed and restored. That's why I'm taking plenty of Diet Pepsi, potato chips, and the mini DVD player just in case.

We are taking HOB's fine Motor Car for the trip. Oh that reminds me: I need to pack one more thing:



Anonymous said...

LOVE it :)


Brian said...

Isn't a legless lizard a snake?