Friday, May 1, 2009

Prom: 1977: The Story Continues.

Our story continues...

Given the sensitive nature in which Fly Face asked me to the prom, how could I say no?

Now, FF's background was a little sketchy, having just arrived at our small school that year.  He was related to others in the school, but for some reason or another lived with a family unrelated to him.  

Unfortunately this family had a brother and sister in it who were related to the devil.  For years and years, they had plagued me in a variety of ways, mostly in the form of general taunts and name-calling.  

The boy (we'll call him Kirk) had not only relentlessly made fun of me, my general style of dress, my name, my face, my family, he would yell out "UG-LY!!!" whenever I got in his general vicinity.  Kirk had also shoved rubber cement up my nose at Bible School when I was in the eighth grade.  Having just seen Reefer Madness at school, I was convinced that, under the influence of rubber cement, I was going to go insane, kill a parakeet and eat it, and spend my days looking for even more potent adhesives with which to get my thrills.  

The girl (we'll call her Joanie) was a year younger than I was, and I could tell she shared all her brother's opinions about me, but to her, I was not worth the energy and effort to truly harass me vigorously.  It might have messed up her hair which was sprayed into a harsh, flipped style every day.  Instead, she sent out her message in the form of general sneering, hissing and the slitting of eyes whenever I got near.  She was the Queen of the Junior girls that year and ruled with impunity.  She sat, coiled up at the lunch table each day, her sycophants around her, guarding their Queen, falsely believing this would insure she would not release her venom upon them.

I tried to ignore the fact that my prom date lived with these two creatures and made preparations for the big day.  I bought my dress, and even splurged on Jaclyn Smith pantyhose from K-Mart.  I had everything ready and was even starting to get a little excited about it.  

Fly Face and I did not talk at school, but about two weeks from the date, when I was not home, he had come out the farm to look at my dress so he could match his tux to it.  When he got out of his car, our dog Rufus immediately bit him, but not enough to draw too much blood.  My mother was impressed that he wanted to match my dress and my father had been impressed at how well he had taken the dog bite.  

I was just grateful he had his own car so there was no chance of being stuck riding to the prom with one of the Devil Children. 

Finally, the big night came...

Tomorrow: The story goes on....


Anonymous said...

1. is the photo of the actual devil children?
2. are you using pseudonyms?
3. was it really jaclyn smith pantyhose? really? i always liked her; she was the "smart" angel. or was that kate jackson?
4. what color was your dress? shoes?

these are crucial points pg needs!!

Anonymous said...

oh, and btw, that picture does freak me out. i knew those kids, too, but in jr high. thank god they went to a different high school, and i became cool and unconcerned in high shool, haha. right.

Bossy Betty said...

PG--This is not a picture of the actual children but it could be. (These are actually dolls from the Marie Osmond collection!!

I am NOT using read names of the Devil Children. There are people in the town in which they live that I value and would fear for.

Yes, they were really Jaclyn Smith Pantyhose. She was not the "smart" one, but she is the one I would most like to have lunch with.

My dress was a stunning brown and white number--my shoes were lace-up deals.