Monday, May 11, 2009

My Happy Mother's Day

Road Trip Report:  

We had a good one!  We met up with Sonny Boy and Girlfriend and we were off to see the sea and check in at the cabin the woods.   It was quite lovely and without a TV, phone reception, and no Internet connection, we unplugged and reconnected and had some killer Spades games too.

Most of all, I got away and got some perspective on life.  Before I left, life, and work in particular,  was starting to feel like sleeping in a bed on which all four corners of the fitted sheet had popped off.  Nothing felt smooth, peaceful or connected.  There was a distinct possibility of getting snagged and caught up in the folds and corners of stuff that, in the long run, doesn't really matter.  Just getting away, giving my eyes new, open, beautiful landscapes to gaze upon helped.  Most of all, being with my favorite people in the whole wide world reminded me of what's important in life.

It's the day after Mother's Day, but it's not too late for me to thank those males of mine for making my Mother's Day a good one!  

Now, I am happy to say, all four corners of the bed sheet are tucked in again and I am ready to start the week.

How about you?


Interesting Scientific Experiment You May Want To Try: Evan took only one pair of socks for the trip. On Saturday night after getting them sweaty in the car, wet at the beach, and dirty on the hike, he reported that they were starting to smell just like the pancakes at McDonalds. 


Brian said...

Glad you had a great time and got those sheet corners under control. Reminds me I need a new bed. For the past couple of years I've been sleeping on a double air mattress, which was quite comfortable until one of the inner structural members broke. Now the bed is ballooned up on the right side such that there is an approximately 10 degree slope. Fortunately, there is a wall on the left side which prevents me from rolling off when I roll over.

It's also a metaphor for my life.

Anonymous said...

Re: Socks: Ewwww! What is it with that boy and socks?
Was there a solution to this interesting experiment?

Bossy Betty said...


It's time to get a Big Boy Bed. We had an air mattress we used for guests. It had a slow leak. People knew it was time to get up when they started to feel the floor through the mattress.


Bossy Betty said...
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Susan said...

I love this picture!