Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grain of the Month: Quinoa!

Is your love life sluggish?

Do you need some lovin' that's not wrapped in cellophane and highly caloric?

Does it seem like everyone else is with attractive people in sporty, cool convertibles in the carpool lane while you're puttering along, in the slow lane in your battered Ford Festiva, your matted long-haired cat, your only companion, beside you in its carrier?

Do you find yourself dawdling at the check stand at the grocery store because you are desperate for attention and the bag person has actually made eye contact with you, leading you to consider a relationship with him/her despite the difference in age/intellect? 

Well, our Grain of the Month has come just at the right time then! 

Quinoa is guaranteed to pick you up, inspire you to dress better, and get out there and say, "Here I am World! Come and enjoy my nutrient-rich germ!"

You see, Quinoa was once like you.  

Naturally coated with a layer of bitter saponins to deter foraging animals, it was misunderstood.  It was stuck back on the shelf, shunned by modern society, pushed aside by all the exotic and attractive rices and the bulgurs of the world who were "good to go" nearly all the time.  

Then folks discovered that the bitterness quinoa exhibited was simply a gray-looking coat that could be removed by washing or gently heating the grain.  Sure, it took a little extra time to get to know this grain, but WOW, when they did, they discovered all it had to offer.  Now it's wildly popular and invited into the finest of homes.

You bet.
Oh, yes.
Interesting Party Conversation-Starter?
Now, you're talking! (And to the best looking person in the room!)

Tomorrow we learn more about our Grain of the Month, but today let us turn inward and BE the Quinoa.   

Shed your bitter coats and unfurl your beauty out into the world.  

The irony of it all?  

You've been searching so hard for that missing piece, that lasting relationship to make you whole and guess what?  

All this time, you've been a complete protein after all. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ok, I LOVE quinoa, so does that make up for the Mounds/Almond Joy debacle?

In fact, I think I may make quinoa for dinner tonight. With some sauteed tofu, BBQ sauce, green beens and black beans, YUM!